The Secret Delights of Paperchase’s Wedding Collection

The Secret Delights of Paperchase’s Wedding Collection

Uncommon knowledge that every bride should be aware of- Paperchase does wedding decorations, and they do it well.

Discovered the delights of Paperchase yet? If not,  you should have.


So, it turns out aimless meandering around the various corners of the Birmingham Bullring can prove fruitful after all. I was, let’s be honest, entirely engrossed in the sweet stalls (did you know they have a life-size bull made of jellybeans in there? Nothing but respect for that!) and all of its glorious edible things. Until, that is, the modestly wonderful wedding displays in the neighbouring Paperchase caught my attention- and kept it. Upon closer inspection, requiring that I sacrificed my appraisal of the pick ‘n’ mix jellybean factory, I realised with surprise that Paperchase is the perfect venue for any bride-to-be to pick up all the pretty little wedding additions she needs, as well as many she may not have imagined.

These cute little decorative doves, for example,  which can be clipped onto string or flowers in the centrepieces, were peeping out the packaging at me in a very enticing manner. (£6.00 for 6) I refrained on account of the significant absence of weddings in my life, and the very significant presence of bird-catching cats. But no prospective bride should, that’s for sure.




These and the quaint little champagne bubble bottles (£10 for 24) with their heart-shaped blower could easily be incorporated into the table decorations or goody bags, and make for wonderful keepsakes for the guests. Bubbles of course are a nice accompaniment, or substitute, for conventional confetti; as are these ribbon wands, which can be bought in either white or pink.



If you do decide to keep with tradition, however,  they also stock confetti cones, the design of which would suit any shabby-chi or “beautifully simple” wedding. They add a quirky touch to an old idea-something every bride loves- and, if you’re a fan of doing this, there’s loads of ways to add a little flare to your special day.



Cute little cupcake signs, for example, are a great way to identify flavours, or dietary differences, or even people’s names, and are obviously versatile-stick them in anything small and sign-worthy!

(£3.35-£3.50 depending on the design)



Another option is the fun and quirky Guest Fingerprint Tree; it’s entertaining, interactive and a wonderful memorial of your special day.



And, if you’re looking for the perfect present for another bride (or perhaps inspiration for your passive-aggressive hints) then consider giving them a lucky sixpence, also to be found in the wonderful array of Paperchase knick-knacks

(£5.50, comes with a gorgeous white box, too)




You can pick up a whole host of useful things for the day; floral print bags and boxes are always needed, mostly because everything in life can be boxed up if you really want it to be, as are the various kinds of “Mr and Mrs” bunting, cards,  napkins and signs available, all to be found on the Paperchase website. And, having built your perfect wedding day (using the pretty wedding planners),  and enjoyed the full effect of your hard work, make sure you have one of these gorgeous guest-books or photo albums to commemorate the occasion!



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