Do you need a different Reception Dress?

Do you need a different Reception Dress?

Do you need a different reception dress?

You spent months finding The Perfect Dress. You possibly spent a little bit more on it than you’d expected, and when you put it on you feel like a princess. But, and here’s the big question, do you need a second dress for the reception?


Some may argue that the big white wedding dress isn't suitable for really getting in to the party spirit, and who doesn't want an excuse for an outfit change. Hell it’s your wedding day, you could have five outfit changes if you really wanted to.


But honestly we couldn't imagine taking off that wedding dress for a week, let alone after just a couple of hours for the ceremony.


Besides, isn't the whole point that your new husband is supposed to be the one helping you to remove it? Not your mother and three of your bridesmaids. And isn't that what bustling is all about? We say roll up that train and go party!

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