The Perks Of Entering Married Life

Wedding ceremonies are expensive and time-consuming, sometimes it's hard not to question whether you did the right thing by getting married.

I mean, you could have just opted for the easiest option and simply move in together. How many couples in your circle do you know who have lived together forever, but refuse to tie the knot? A lot of adults are marrying later in life and some do not choose to enter a married life but simply decide to cohabit and raise their children outside of marriage. In case you are considering this “easy option”, you need to be reminded of the benefits of being legally married to someone else.


married life


First of all, you can receive survivor’s benefits from a pension plan, which you could never do if you are not legally binded to your partner.


married life


You can qualify for an estate tax marital deduction. When one of you dies, his or her estate passes to the surving spouse tax-free. I know that it might sound sad, but life happens so you need to be prepared.


married life


One of the main advantages, though, is sharing life. Staying single might work for a while, but it is not appealing as it looks. At some point of your life you might feel the need to be loved and taken care of.  If you find the one and you are sure about him or her, then you should make it official. Marriage allows you to have someone who will share your experiences and your feelings. It means better and safer sex. It is not true that married sex is boring and predictable. Married sex keeps getting better. After years of being married, it will become easier and easier to open up to your partner and this will reflect your sex life.


married life


Besides, in order to raise your children in a good, healthy and stable atmosphere, marriage is very much necessary. Married couples tend to be happier than the unmarried ones, by experiencing positive emotions and supporting each other along the way. It can be a slightly nerving prospect to consider but Weddy are always here to help!


married life


The number of myths associated with marriage can certainly be a turn off in considering a positive future with your partner, but we're here to set the record straight.

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