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As a blissfully married couple themselves, Chris and Hannah both know exactly what you want from your wedding photographer - even if you don't!

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As a blissfully married couple themselves, Chris and Hannah both know exactly what you want from your wedding photographer - even if you don’t. Having walked an aisle in the blushing bride’s shoes, with a good six years of experience bulging under their belts, they understand the stress that a wedding brings. Even better: they know how to take that weight off your shoulders, making your wedding day as relaxing as it should be.



Choosing the perfect photographer is tricky, and Chris and Hannah understand this more than anyone. Alongside your decision comes the risk that your wedding will be recorded through an album of false smiles and stifling structure. “Being married ourselves, we know exactly what our clients are feeling. We know what they do and don’t want, and we certainly know how to bring it to them”, Chris explains. With a passion for capturing those natural shots that will sit proudly on your mantelpiece for decades, he explains how his relaxed approach to photographing weddings benefits everyone involved. “Having a rough idea of where you want to be at what time is great, but forget the timetable” he encourages. After all, photography is a creative career, and we all know that creative juices flow better without the presence of a strict schedule.



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“I like to give the bride and groom some time-out; thirty minutes or so to have a chat. It’ll most likely be the first time they’ve been married, and it’s the perfect opportunity to capture those natural newlywed smiles.” 



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Their recipe for success is sweet and simple: smiles all around. Because after all, your wedding should be the one day where you never stop smiling, and Chris and Hannah encourage this from the very beginning. “We want to take the stress away from the bride and groom”, Chris agrees, “putting smiles on their faces is the most important thing.” As the wedding photographer, Chris takes the time to build connections with his clients, ensuring that they feel completely at ease around him and his camera before the big day. “I like to use a pre-wedding shoot as a way of keeping it fun and friendly” Chris explains. “It’s all about finding common ground!” Whether you’re a footy fan or a rugby fanatic, Chris boasts to having never failed to bring out that warmth and those smiles from his clients that make it all worthwhile. That sounds like a challenge worth putting to the test, brides and grooms.



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But of course, it’s not just your smile that’s important. Chris and Hannah believe in investing great time and care into creating the perfect album for the whole family. Understanding that wedding photographs are not just for the bride and groom, Chris explains how he spends time creating a diverse portfolio of photographs for his clients to take home; a photograph for every mantelpiece. Because although strongly believing in the traditional aspects of wedding photography, Chris isn't afraid to have some fun with the camera. “The key to bringing smiles all around is to mix it up”, he explains. From the formal shots to those natural bursts of laughter caught perfectly unaware, their photographs offer something for every member of the family. They’re an exciting concoction of the traditional and the experimental, because after all, what is a wedding without a sprinkle of innovation?



“We never fail to leave our clients with smiles on their faces.”



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When probed, Chris affirms that your bond with your photographer is the most important thing. Laughter and smiles all around are key to a successful photo album, and Chris and Hannah paint smiles on faces from beginning to end. “Understanding the bride and groom means we only want what’s best for them” Chris reiterates, stating that his honesty has always been the key to successfully building his band of loyal clients. “Our service and relationship with our clients is transparent, with no hidden costs” he explains. With Chris, what you see is what you get brides and grooms - but with an extra sprinkling of enthusiasm and trust.



wedding photographer



Their straightforward and easygoing approach to photographing your wedding means you can throw all the fuss out of the window, right now. Because by giving Chris, Hannah and their camera a place at your wedding, we know you’ll find it difficult to stop smiling. With a 10% discount now available, there really is no better time to give them a call. So go on, start smiling now and contact them online at: or give them a ring on 07538 109540.



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