The origins of our 3 most common marriage superstitions

The origins of our 3 most common marriage superstitions

The surprising truth behind the common marriage superstitions

Do you believe in magic? Maybe not, but you certainly have heard of wedding superstitions. Do you know why a bride tosses the bouquet over her head? Why can’t brides’ dresses be seen by grooms before it’s time to walk down the aisle?

Some wedding traditions are so engrained in our culture that we do not even think to question them.




Here are some superstitions explained:

Some go back to the time when arranged marriages were in fashion and the wedding was nothing more than a business deal between the father of the bride and the groom. At the time, a father would have been pleased for his daughter to marry a rich man, but he also feared that if the groom met the bride before the wedding and thought she wasn’t attractive, he’d call it off.

Therefore, it became tradition that the bride and groom could only meet on the wedding day so that the groom did not have the opportunity to change his mind.



Why does the bride need to wear something old,  something new, something borrowed and something blue? Well, this is a Victorian rhyme that is supposed to bring good luck. Wearing something old expresses the newlywed couple’s desire to reconnect with their families once they are married.

Something new conveys that the couple is giving birth to a brand new union. Something borrowed is an opportunity for the family of the bride to lend her something special as symbol of their love and dedication. And finally blue symbolises fidelity,  which is the key to a happy marriage.



Finally, why the groom has to carry his new wife across the threshold of their new home to prevent bad luck?

It’s a tradition of Medieval origins, of course, when it was scandalous for a woman to show too much enthusiasm about losing her virginity. By the groom carrying her over the threshold, she avoided looking too eager about consummating the marriage.



Whether you are superstitious or not, it’s always nice to recall some of them. Not only does it say a lot about who we are, but it also helps us maintain a sort of connection with out past.

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