The History of the Wedding Cake Topper

The History of the Wedding Cake Topper.

A Wedding Cake would hardly be a Wedding Cake without the little figures that sit on top, but have you ever wondered why they were sat there in the first place?


It is believed that the cake topper made it’s debut as far back as 1890, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that it became prevalent in the USA.


One story about the creation of the wedding cake and topper, tells the tale of a baker’s daughter who was due to be married. She asked her father to create a delicacy that would symbolise the undying love between her and the Groom.


After mulling over the request, and coming up with several ideas, it is said that the baker decided upon creating a beautiful wedding cake, adorned with two figurines. The figures would represent the Bride and Groom and would sit at the very top of the cake- the perfect symbol to represent their love.


The Baker’s daughter was touched by her father’s wedding gift to her. For her it was the best and most unique gift that she could have received and the cake was placed in the midst of the celebrations for all the guests to see and enjoy.


How true this story is, no one really knows - but it is a sweet anecdote nonetheless!


The 1950’s saw the golden age of the cake topper in the USA, the figure of the bride would wear her wedding dress - as was tradition, while the groom would often be depicted in military uniform. For many brides, the cake topper was not merely a decoration but also a keepsake to remind them of their husbands. They were especially poignant if they were to lose their husbands on the battlefield.


Toppers that can be kept as mementos are still a firm favourite today - though they may not always depict the bride and groom. In fact an increasing number of couples are using parents’ or grandparents’ toppers on their cakes. Not only is this a nice familial gesture but it also ticks off the “something old” and/or “borrowed”.


wedding cake toppers


There is also a growing penchant for quirky and untraditional toppers that tie in with the overall theme of the wedding, or depict the couples’ hobbies. Comic cake toppers are also becoming a firm favourite. It’s also nice to see a modernisation of the traditional topper; as they cater for the growing diversity in marriages. Multi-ethnic toppers are abundant, and with the legalisation of gay marriage, same-sex toppers are also available.


If finding out the history of the cake topper has given you inspiration then check out these show stopping wedding cake toppers for even more ideas!

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