The Historic Tradition of Throwing Rice

Throwing rice to couples who have just got married is a timeless tradition.

The tradition of throwing rice is a custom dating to ancient Rome and is done to wish the spouses good luck, fertility and abundance in their new life as a couple.


Of course food is the most popular option, since it sybolizes fertility. In-fact, from a small seed, a large plant grows. In other countries, different foods are thrown during weddings. For instance, in Morocco, couples are showered with figs and raisins to ensure that their union is fruitful. In France, they prefer wheat instead of rice.


tradition of throwing rice


Italians apparently also like to throw sugared nuts over couples to symbolize sweetness in marriage. However I can confirm this one is not true HAHA (We throw rice and then we give them -gently- sugared almonds later either to eat or keep as a memory. Again, it’s all about the food!).


tradition of throwing rice


Even today some people think raw rice can make birds’ stomachs explode so they suggest that seeds for birds are used. However, experts do not support this theory.


I personally don’t see any particular disadvantages in throwing rice to newlyweds, except that being showered with rice can be painful and finding grains inside your clothes may not be pleasant.


tradition of throwing rice


For a less conventional display and of course, if you feel like breaking tradition, why not shower the newlyweds with flower petals or biodegradable confetti instead?


 Tradition of Throwing Rice


Ask Weddy for help to find your fun confetti!

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