The Evolution of the Wedding Dress

Whether the dress is a princess, mermaid or vintage, each style tells a story.

With the expert help of , we bring you the evolution of the wedding dress.


Everything can seem a bit overwhelming when planning a wedding - especially if you don’t know what you want, and need a little bit of inspiration. Where do I start? Should my dress match the venue? Should my dress match the groom? Let’s Get Weddy are here to help.



evolution of the wedding dress



Choosing a style of dress can be difficult. It will reflect your personality and style, but ultimately it’s something you need to feel comfortable in for a full day. Once you’re set on your dress, make sure you can stand up, sit down and dance comfortably. It‘s important to consider if your dress may be too heavy or too revealing once you start moving about.


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There are so many different options out there that it can be a stressful time trying to find ‘the one’. It’s also important that you’ve considered other elements of your wedding such as where it will take place. The classic 1990's modest and slimline design for example, may be better matched at a beach or coastal location .



evolution of the wedding dress



The evolution of the wedding dress has show us that the traditional choice since Queen Victoria’s wedding in the 1800’s has always been white - the classical fairytale dress. Over the years we’ve had various influences from the weddings of royalty. From Princess Diana’s 25-foot long train in the 80’s to Kate Middleton’s modern day long sleeves and detailed embellishment. However, there has also been some unconventional, but equally beautiful dresses throughout the decades.



evolution of the wedding dress



Colour started appearing throughout the dress, and in some cases the entire dress such as Sarah Jessica Parker’s black gown famously designed by Morgane Le Fay. If you’re going down the route of adding colour or a theme, it’s best to make sure that your groom isn’t going to be clashing.



evolution of the wedding dress



Buyagift have a fun and interactive piece that could give you the wedding dress inspiration you need - A Change of a Dress . It’s full of different styles and celebrity influences that have made the dresses popular go-to designs.



So for more inspiration and expert knowledge of the evolution of the wedding dress, click here . Head over to for lots of amazing gift ideas.


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