The Essential Wedding Planning Guide

The Essential Wedding Planning Guide

With some help from wedding planning guru, Bruce Russell, we have an essential guide to wedding planning that will help you add the magic touch to your day

There are few wedding planners out there who can turn your wildest wedding dreams into tangible realities. Whether you are planning your own wedding, or recruiting some help, we find out from the wedding planning guru, Bruce Russell how to plan the perfect wedding and also include some tips and ideas to help you plan your wedding to perfection.


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- Make your day a personal and memorable one


One of the most important points to remember is to make sure that your wedding day reflects you, as a couple. Be unique, give the day a real sense of your personalities. It’s your day! The best weddings are those that create a beautiful and memorable experience – put yourself in your guests’ shoes, what will they most enjoy and remember? Make them feel welcome, involved and, above all, entertained. You want them to have fun.


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- Look forward to and keep sight of your end goal


The best part of any wedding is that moment towards the end of the night when you can stand back and observe the party in full swing, and think ‘this is what it’s all about’! The pain of planning is very real now but look forward to the big celebration at the end.



Over the years have you noticed any mistakes couples tend to make when planning their wedding? 


Firstly, I think it’s incredibly important for a bride to involve her other half. Increasingly I find that grooms are much more interested and involved in their wedding day. They make a great deal of the decisions, particularly when it comes to the wedding breakfast, wines, entertainment and of course grooming and style. For this reason, I offer ‘The Groom’s Speech’ – a day that grooms can spend with me, one-on-one, when I guide them through the often nerve-wracking process of planning for the special day!

For more ideas of how your groom can get involved in the wedding planning, click here.



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Why is a wedding planner important? 


When clients hire a wedding planner, they are buying a service, a brand, an experience, piece of mind, and overall a perfectly orchestrated and executed wedding day which they can simply relax and enjoy.


There are many wedding planners who offer several packages and deals for you as a couple and the day you want so it is crucial to shop around before making the big decision of who to let handle your day. Amor D'oro are new wedding planners on the block who offer a very personalised service for you and your wedding party.



- Planning the nuptials on a budget


You have to be realistic – look at the elements of the day which are most important to you both and decide how to allocate your budget.  Be creative.


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What are the wedding trends you're expecting for 2015? 


One of my favourite emerging trends is the art of ‘tablescaping’ – guests spend a good few hours at the table so why not make it a feast for the senses and make each table look and feel special for your guests.


If you are a gay couple looking for advice for the perfect wedding, then look no further than Robert E . Blackmon at Gay Groom Robert- the self confessed "go- to gay" who has written his own guide for planning the best gay wedding for you.



- How can brides keep their cool on the big day 


Remember that, on the day, once you click the switch, there is no stopping the wedding – certain elements may not go to plan so you need to be able to adapt and be flexible.  In most cases, the only person who will notice is you, as the guests don’t know what to expect.




- It's important to lend the planning and the day itself some perspective to avoid becoming a bridezilla and ruining the experience for yourself and others. Keep calm and remember what the day is all about



What is your top planning tip? 


Be realistic with timings, budgets and elements of the day – think of your guests’ experience.



- Planning a hen and stag do


While it's easy to get lost in planning the actual day itself, there is another wedding tradition to keep back some cash for also and that is the stag and hen parties. Whether you decide to go big or go for a smaller and sophisticated affair, planning this can provide a nice break from the bigger stress of the wedding day itself.


Again, the choices are just about limited to your imagination and creativity in terms of the hen and stag parties, however, if you want to try something different with the hen do while learning a new skill as well as making an original hat to wear at the wedding then consider Katherine Elizabeth Millinery and Millinery House Events who can offer just this with a personal touch.



For more information on Bruce Russell and wedding planning visit:

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