The Benefits of Wedding Fairs

I went to my first wedding fair a few months ago and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been to one or two a month, with many more wedding fairs in the pipeline! Here are my 5 top reasons you should indulge in them too!

Why do I love wedding fairs?

Firstly they aren’t all great. Sorry to start with a negative but it's worth saying,  I think. Some are much better than others so don’t expect the world from all wedding fairs. But there are some fabulous ones!

They come in all shapes and sizes: there are themed wedding fairs, boutique wedding fairs,  small wedding fairs, quirky wedding fairs, giant wedding fairs, luxury wedding fairs, budget wedding fairs- you name it, I bet there’s a wedding fair out there for it!


Like most people I have my favourites but there are certainly benefits to them all. And just like a wedding dress, there’s a wedding fair to suit everyone!

I tend to prefer the smaller wedding fairs. They are more intimate and usually host more local, small businesses which I am a big fan of.

You are more likely to find some individual, unique and quirky, if that’s your thing.

So what can you get from wedding fairs?


So much inspiration!

I haven’t actually booked anything at a wedding fair (yet!), but I have booked suppliers I found there after the event. That’s not to say you shouldn’t book at wedding fairs, if you are sure then go for it!

But I like a little bit more time to think about things and to consult the dreaded budget! But regardless of signing on the dotted line, you will find so many ideas at wedding fairs. Now I’m not promising you’ll be inspired by every stand but even if you find one thing you love, or that you can incorporate into your wedding, I think that’s a win!


You can meet suppliers face to face!

So much wedding planning is done online these days so we are at risk of booking key suppliers for our wedding without even meeting them. Meeting suppliers is so important, catch up here if you missed why I think so.

It’s a fun day out. Whilst not everyone will agree with this, I thoroughly enjoy a good old day out at a wedding fair. (Not that it has to be the entire day, an hour or two will suffice for a smaller wedding fair.)

It’s a great chance to spend time with your friends, or family, or even fiancé if he can be persuaded! And some offer free bubbles, how can you resist?!


It’s a break from the internet!

Can you believe I just said that?! As a blogger it seems a little counterintuitive. But let’s be honest,  everyone needs to take a break from Pinterest,  Instagram, and just generally being glued to a screen at some point! It’s really refreshing to go and see suppliers and ideas in the flesh, and enjoy some screen-free time.


Goodie bags!

Who doesn’t love a goodie bag?! Most wedding fairs will hand out goodie bags filled with supplier flyers and information. But more importantly, they can sometimes include wedding magazines that you would otherwise pay for. Plus some have sweets, seeds or other goodies from suppliers.

Have you found anything awesome at a wedding fair? What are your thoughts on the topic? Heard any horror stories?

Let me know @FlushingB and remember to like me on Facebook!


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