7 Tasks You Must Do After The Wedding

Once the big day is well and truly over, you’ll probably take a sigh of relief and rest your weary feet - and we don’t blame you.

No doubt your wedding will have been a bundle of stress, fun and intrepid excitement, but it’s not over yet. Don’t get too comfy ladies and gents, as there are a few niggling jobs you’ll want (okay, need) to clear up before you completely settle down into your new married life with a cup of tea and digestive biscuit in hand.


1) Leftovers


After the wedding you’ll see that there’s no way in hell a hundred people could ever have consumed that much food ( alcohol is a different story, however) but, understandably you thought: better safe than sorry! This is perfectly fine, but whatever you do, don’t let all that delicious cake go to waste. Reminiscent of your fourth birthday party, encourage your guests to take home a slice of cake - and whatever else they can cram into their clutch bags. For the remaining food, paint a smile onto an unhappy face and drop by the homeless shelter on your way home.


after the wedding


2) Clean, Preserve And House Your Dress


Before you spill any more champagne, we recommend you tuck your dream dress away somewhere safe, and as soon as possible. Once the festivities are finished, look into getting your dress cleaned and preserved, and find a suitable home for it. Whether it’s destined to live in the depths of your bedroom closet or back on the hanger for another lucky bride to fall in love with, this is a job that will need some deep thought and careful consideration. Donating one’s wedding dress to raise money for charity is becoming a popular choice for many brides, but you’ll have to ask yourself: will you miss it?


after the wedding


3) Send Thank You Notes


Now we know it’s not exactly how you envisioned the first few weeks of married life but, having ticked everything off from from your pre-wedding checklist,  writing your thank you notes will be an essential part of your post-wedding checklist. Make sure you send a note to every guest - whether you like them or not - thanking them for their attendance and for their wedding gifts. Nobody wants to be seen as ungrateful, so make time for this somewhat tedious task.


after the wedding


4) Change Your Name


If you’re planning on changing your name, it’s not just your Facebook account that needs altering. To do this, you’ll need your marriage license with your shiny new surname on it. Using this, you’ll be able to change your bank accounts and your driving license - but sadly that’s only the beginning. Eventually everything will need to be changed, so take the time to notify your employers, doctors and passport office of the change. Sure, it’ll be a bit of a hassle, but the sooner it’s done, the sooner you can relax.


after the wedding


5) Order Your Wedding Photos


This is the fun part (yay). Most wedding photographers will have a digital gallery where you can pick and choose the photos you want printed. Spend a day with your partner sifting through all the happy memories, picking the ones where your smiles are the most radiant, giving any blinking horrors a wide berth. Sure, this may not seem like an urgent task, but it’s certainly one not to be forgotten. After all, your wedding may already be visually public on Facebook, but having your memories printed into a tangible form will transform your memories into a family heirloom that you and your family can flick through in many years to come.


after the wedding


6) Sell, Sell, Sell


The inevitable outcome of any wedding is a seemingly unlimited supply of ‘stuff’ you no longer need. We’re sorry to say that useless wedding gifts will be in abundance, alongside reels of bunting and a ridiculous amount of champagne glasses. The obvious solution to this issue comes in the form of our good friend Ebay. Sell everything you can’t see yourself using in the next couple of years to avoid cluttering up your new marital home, and take pleasure in reaping the benefits. Who knows how much money - and space - you could make?


after the wedding


7) Get Your Finances In Order


Yes it’s boring and often fairly depressing, but this is not a job to sweep under the carpet ladies and gents. If you haven’t already, chat with your partner about what you want to do about your finances. It may be that you want to start a joint account, in which case all you need is a trip to the bank, a pen and some paperwork. See, that wasn’t too bad was it?


after the wedding


Not many people share the potential stresses of adjusting to married life, let alone the post-wedding activities! Check out this article to make sure your newlywed experience is the one you'd wish to have.

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