The 5 Most Common Proposal Mistakes

Be prepared for questions on how you did it; just don’t go in with these proposal mistakes!

Planning a proposal is hard enough without also having to worry about all the do’s and don’ts of the event.

If you’re planning on proposing soon, make sure that you don’t make any of these proposal mistakes that will leave a planned special moment falling flat- good luck!


Proposal Mistake #1

Assuming it’s the right time to propose


If marriage is on the cards, you might be tempted to get it over with as soon as possible: this is never a good idea. Firstly, this is a big moment for the two of you and you don’t want to accidentally blurt out ‘will you marry me’ in the checkout line at Asda because you’re so consumed with nerves.

Don’t let your nerves get the better of you: plan the proposal, weigh up the options; are you both ready to get married, emotionally and financially?


What to do:

Make sure you have a healthy relationship and that you are sure in yourself that this is what you want to do and you’re going to do it and make sure your partner is also ready to accept your proposal before taking the plunge.


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Proposal Mistake #2

Proposing without a ring or getting the wrong one


Your relationship will of course be beyond the materialist things, but most brides interviewed did not welcome the idea of proposing without a ring or even worse, getting the wrong one. To many, the presence of an engagement ring  is just as important as the commitment itself representing the timeless bond of your relationship.


What to do:

Remember these rules: Cut (shape of stone), Colour (white diamonds are popular), Carat (diamond’s size) and Clarity (the perfection of the diamond).


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Proposal Mistake #3

Being unoriginal and recycling proposal ideas


A single red rose by candlelight as you get down on one knee sounds great and the reason why it does is because we’ve seen it in every other romcom there is.

Of course it’s a great idea to do some research for inspiration, but unique moments that represent what your relationship is about is the best way to go when proposing.


What to do: Picture the reaction you want and work on getting there. It’s important that you personalise your proposal- if your partner enjoys reading then arrange for a spectacular proposal that recognises their love for literature.

Recreate special moments from the past, revisit your favourite places or pay homage to their favourite childhood memory, when you broaden your horizons, the possibilities are endless!


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Proposal Mistake #4

Proposing in front of an audience


Hollywood has had us believe that this is the best possible option for any engaged hopefuls; with many old ladies cramming around to give a hug or younger ladies gazing longingly at the happy couple with serious ring envy.

For some however, this is not their idea of heaven. There are a couple of things you need to be sure of before proposing including where your partner would most like to be proposed to: if they’re a private person, they aren’t going to enjoy their face being beamed up on a billboard for thousands to see! While it’s great that you want to stand on the edge of a cliff and declare your love to the world, this may not be what your partner has in mind.


What to do: Give this some serious thought: what would they like and where would they like you proposing? Intimate moments can be the most special moments and most agree that the location of the first date is the best place for it to be.


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Proposal Mistake #5

Failing to plan and ruining the surprise

Reigning everything in, it’s clear to see that your proposal will not be a success if you don’t plan. There’s plenty of time for spontaneity once you’re married, but for now meticulous planning is the only option for you. Of course you don’t want to convince your fiancé(e) to marry you as though convincing a customer to buy your new cleaning product, but you do want some sort of organisation so things don’t fall apart so get check listing and to do listing for maximum impact.

Most proposers find it difficult to keep their plans to themselves wanting to tell their fiancé(e)’s friend or close family member. This isn’t always recommended as many wish to tell their loved ones themselves.

Your loved one may be aware that you both want marriage, but may not know when and this is what you can work on.


What to do: Tell as few people as possible so there’s little chance of it getting back to them. Little surprises along the way can help build up suspense and excitement. Plan carefully and with purpose and you can’t go wrong!


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For ideas, advice or even help nailing your proposal, give us a shout!

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