Sugar Me Up: Candy Wedding Theme

Many women have a sweet tooth and, for some, this is important enough to become the theme for their wedding.

If you are a lady who cannot be two feet from a bag of Skittles, even on her special day, then this wedding theme would be perfect for you. As themes go, it's quite a conspicuous one, and can run the risk of being childish (especially to the savoury - loving adult guests! ) but don't despair, these suggestions should give you a host of inspiration to make your special day clever and sophisticated, and avoid making it a party trip to Candy Land.


1. Bouquets


wedding theme


Bouquets are a great way of stating your theme- these gorgeous alternatives to traditional flowers make great edible arrangmeents that can be as subtle or as outrageously candy-themed as you like; the ones above go all out, whilst the ones below are little more refined. Try combining sweets with flowers, (edible or real, your call) or coloured silk ribbons.


2. Sweet Cocktails


wedding theme


Sweet flavoured cocktails are a must. Immediately, you've overcome the childish element by incorporating your theme into one of the most enjoyable parts of the day; Cocktail Hour. Obviously this isn't an imperative part of every woman's wedding, but it is a popular one and, given how easy it is to include non-alcoholic drinks, is seamlessly inclusive for both adult and child guests.


3 Alternative Cocktails


wedding theme


Now, this can be approached in two ways: cocktail companies can provide signature candy-flavoured cocktails and give you a strong centrepiece to structure the section of the day. Accompanying this, or instead, you can stick with dry cocktails which feature gobstoppers, or lollipop stirrers. The benefit of the second suggestion is that you are more likely to have a least a few guests who just don't understand your love relationship with sugar (you have to consider them too, no matter how wrong they are.) Which then have the freedom to embrace the sugar, or enjoy their cocktails without it.


4. Decorations


wedding theme


We all know decorations can make or break a wedding. They are the key symbol of the theme, so it has to be done well. Consider doing edible centrepieces, rather than flowers- swirly lollipops for flowers, vases full of marshmallows, etc. The Candy Bar are professionals of the confectionary industry.


5. Confetti


wedding theme


A fun alternative to traditional confetti - sprinkles! Careful not to do this if it’s raining though as the colouring will run!


6. Lollipop-shaped bouquets


These could be a great staple for the bride and bridesmaids- which can also be enlarged to go alongside the aisle- brightly coloured cellophane wrapping for the chairs, and sweet buffets are all good options. One thing about the latter though; if you do decide to have this kind of buffet consider savoury pastry lollipops, or other savoury finger foods that can be shaped in a sweet - like way, in order to balance your theme with these pesky anti - sweet guests.


wedding theme


7. Enjoy the Challenge!


One thing about this theme is how much of a fun challenge you can have, with seeing how much you can make edible. Personalised lollipops for name cards, invitations on edible paper, sugar - encrusted glasses.....eating sweets, being creative and enjoying it are what this theme is about. The options are limitless!


Let us help make the challenge of sourcing your sugar inspired wedding decor easier.

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