8 Stunning Lace Wedding Dresses For 2015

Modern lace wedding dresses have managed to take an old traditional feature and combine it with modern expressions to create nothing short of masterpieces.

Here are some of the most stunning lace wedding dresses of 2015.




Lacy decadence is what we will term this 2015 Jean Ralph Thurin Spring  Collection piece. The lacing is applied intricately from top to bottom then combined with a modern spunk to create what is nothing short of exquisite.


lace wedding dress




This 2015 Yumi Katsura Fall Collection piece shows why many consider the designer to be head and shoulder above other designers. This dainty dress no doubt will bring out the soft femininity of the wearer who, dressed in such style and class, would wear it with pride.


lace wedding dress




This 2015 Victor Harper Collection dress is a great option for the bride looking to showcase her curves without compromising on the classic elements, such as this beautiful train. The use of lace on this dress is not done in a manner that is overly risqué, but rather combines just the right amount of modern with classic features, for a gorgeous finished product.


lace wedding dress




The use of lace in this simply stunning Yumi Kastsua Fall 2015 makes wonderful use of the pastel colours which have come to characterise the season. Additionally, the lace complements the dress’ modest yet intriguing style for a perfect and beautiful gown.


lace wedding dress




This Claire Pettibone piece definitely encapsulates everything we have come to associate with the word gorgeous. A stunning display of strategically placed lace, this gown will appeal to any bride who wants her look to be different yet still chic.


lace wedding dress




If there is one thing that the Gemy Maalouf 2015 collection pieces have become known for is their use of one central feature to create a look of high-fashion sophistication in a manner that seems effortless.


lace wedding dress


We definitely believe that these pieces have achieved all that and much, much more!


lace wedding dress




This Claire Pettibone piece is aptly called “Romantique” because the stunning use of lace takes us back to the sophisticated styles of the romantic era. We absolutely love the lace detail of this piece and can see why so many brides-to-be would fall in love with it.


lace wedding dress




This piece from the 2015 Spring Moonlight Couture piece is 50 shades of GORGEOUS. The Lace plus appliqué combination harmonises so beautifully that it creates a stunning piece that can only be described as absolutely striking. Needless to say, this is our all time favourite on this list.


lace wedding dress


Let Weddy know if you'd like more details about these stunning dresses.

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