6 Stripper Rules

6 Stripper Rules

The do’s and don’ts for hen and stag night strippers

Stories of breaking relationship rules with strippers on hen and stag nights can cause cautious couples to cringe. Problems can tend to occur because unfortunately, where strippers are concerned, there are no set boundaries. So, being qualified in the weddy business we feel the need to give you some.


  1. Have One!

This is a fun experience that most guys and dolls will only do once. If you’ve always dreamt about having that cheeky pre-wedding dance from a hunky stripper or luscious lady this is the perfect time.


  1. Don’t make demands

When it comes to your ideal stripper you’ll just have to trust that your friends know exactly what you’d like, whether that’s a cool cop or freakish fireman.


  1. Enjoy it

In your social life you may be shy, at work you may prefer not to be the centre of attention but with a stripper it’s all about you! Don’t cover your face, enjoy the laugh, it’ll be one you remember for a long time to come.


  1. Take a touch, but not too much

While it’s the stripper’s job to put their hands here and there, it is important not to get gropey with them – even the stripper would have a problem with that (we hope).


  1. An invite free zone

Once your stripper has done their thing it is never a good idea to keep them around, especially not with all that sexual tension in the air. Extending the invite is asking for trouble.


  1. What happens at the party…

We’re sure you’ll be with a bunch of people you really trust but it’s always worth mentioning that this night is to be remembered only by those in attendance. So be sure that all the cheeky secrets stay on the hen or stag.

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