Soul Food Wedding Menu

Everybody loves a bit of soul food; it warms the belly and puts a smile on your face.

Especially if you’ve spent the last few months on a diet to get into your wedding dress! June 2015 is officially soul food month so what better time to indulge in your favourite comfort foods than on your big day? Here are our favourite soul foods to give you some wedding menu inspiration.




Southern Fried Chicken


You can’t go wrong with chicken, you just can’t. It’s lip lickingly good and it’s ideal for a buffet-style dinner.


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Glazed Country Ham


A true foodie will appreciate that this is soul food masquerading as a roast dinner. Your guests would never know!


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Beef Brisket


This dish is versatile; it can be part of a more traditional sit-down dinner, or it works equally as well at an outdoor bbq setting.


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Spicy Catfish Fillets


If you’re looking for something with a bit of a kick then this one is for you, besides you really should have a fish option at a wedding.


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Baked Mac and Cheese


You simply have to have a vegetarian option and it doesn’t get much heartier than this one. Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? If you’re having kids at your wedding then this one will be ideal for them as well.


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Candied Sweet Potatoes


It’s not soul food if there’s no sweet potatoes. Enough said.


wedding menu




Pecan Pie


Every day is a wonderful day for pie; your wedding day should be no exception, especially when it comes to Pecan Pie.


wedding menu


Banana Pudding


One of the lighter options on our list, but still delicious. Not only that but it has banana in it- surely it’s one of your five-a-day?


wedding menu


Peach Cobbler


Again, practically healthy this one. How could you say no to those succulent peaches?


wedding menu


Sweet Potato Pie


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: It’s not soul food if there’s no sweet potatoes.


wedding menu


Foodies will love this tool for sourcing these succulent treats ASAP!

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