Something old Something New: How To Do The Age Old Tradition

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

No matter how grand the venue is, how many guests you have or how beautiful the flower arrangements, there is always a little touch that a bride may feel she needs to complete her look or add a bit of luck!


The ‘ something old something new ’ tradition derived from the Victorian era. The things in this rhyme were said to represent varying aspects of luck that the bride would benefit from were she to wear them on her wedding day and even in more modern times, this wedding tradition shows no signs of slowing down!


something old something new


Though it may not be believed in the same way it would have been circa 1837, modern brides are paying homage to this tradition while giving it a modern twist merging the ideas of something old, something new!


The meaning behind something old, something new…


Something Old


The idea of something old represents the connection between the bride’s family and the past e.g. mother and grandmother. Because this symbolises continuity, many brides opt to wear a piece of jewellery or wedding dress that has been passed down the family.


A locket with pictures of close family members no longer with you or photos of your loved ones around the entrance to the reception.




If a family heirloom is nowhere to be found, then vintage is also very in; a stylish fashion accessory to symbolise your family can make all the statement you wish it you!


Something New


Acquiring something new shows that a bride is looking forward to all the good luck coming her way in the future. Usually, the wedding gown is usually this item. Wedding rings, flowers or a new bridal headpiece could also be the ‘something new’ a bride may be looking for.


something old something new


A modern twist could be new jewellery, a personalised item for the happy couple and yes, lingerie are all suitable items to include for your something new.


Something Borrowed


The idea behind something borrowed is that the family of the bride will be there for her as she embarks on this new journey. The borrowed item traditionally came from a happily married woman, so she would ‘lend’ some of her happiness to the new bride. Of course anyone special to you can give you a borrowed item, so long as you give it back afterwards!


something old something new


Try borrowing piece of jewellery a close friend always wears to remind you of their friendship, or for the more modern brides, there are a bunch of accessories you can rent including clutch bags and veils.


Something Blue


The something blue once symbolised faithfulness, purity, love, modesty and fidelity usually shown in the wedding garter or on the hem of both the bride and groom’s wedding attire.


Whilst not many people these days are rocking the something blue because of a desire to portray purity, modesty and fidelity, many are doing it as a sweet little addition to their nuptials. Adding a blue stitched detail on your dress (perhaps the date of your wedding day), blue designer heels, blue nail polish, or even a blue martini for your guests are all great new ways to incorporate the ‘something blue’ theme into your wedding.


something old something new


"Something old, something new and a sixpence in your shoe." The sixpence was to be placed in the left shoe of the bride to symbolise a wealthy future for her and her loved one.


Although many brides don’t pay attention to this part of the rhyme, if you wish to make your collection complete, why not make a whole in the coin and thread some gems or pearls through.


It's a lot to remember! Use this tool to help.

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