Social Media etiquette at Weddings

Social Media etiquette at Weddings

Banning social media – the wedding etiquette

So you don’t want several hundred snaps that you haven’t vetted to be posted on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Google+/Whajamacallit/Thatothersocialmediasite.


Well, we don’t blame you. But how do you ensure your paparazzi guests keep their fingers off the social buzzer?


Short of hiring men in black suits trained specifically on the sound of a camera shutter and the ability to move faster than a teen hot on hashtags, we bring you the top five rules for banning social media.


  1. Pre-warn your guests. Include a simple request in the invitations that politely informs them that you’d rather they see the day through their own eyes, not through their camera lens.
  2. Have signs made and hung around your venue that clearly states ‘no social media’.
  3. Consider dishing out disposable cameras for the snap-happy, then collect, develop and post the final images yourselves.
  4. Have a wedding website where you can share your chosen images after your wedding for everyone to see and enjoy.
  5. And if you know of any likely suspects beforehand, give them a call a few days before the wedding to ensure they know and to gently explain your reasons.
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