SJP Bridal Range? Yes Please!

Sexy Bridal Footwear by Our Favourite City Girl.

With her obsessive love of shoes it’s hard to see where Sex And The City actress Sarah Jessica Parker ends and Carrie Bradshaw begins. With a fabulous footwear collection under her trendy designer belt already, SJP has finally launched a stylish bridal range.


True to form SJP’s new bridal range features quirky shades and high end style that pays particular attention to the details.


SJP Bridal


Taking inspiration from the quirky, blue Manolo Blahniks worn by character Carrie Bradshaw in the episode where she finally became Mrs Big, SJP’s shoes are full of gems and sparkles and come in a wide variety of colours.




Sarah announced the launch a few days ago on instagram saying; "Our big secret, finally revealed. The SJP Collection: Bridal. This has been a hard one to keep quiet.”


The actress-cum-designer describes her controversial black wedding dress as her “biggest fashion regret” and told Martha Stewart Weddings  "If I were getting married today, I'd likely wear cream, just to have that bridal experience.”


It’s reassuring to hear that even style icons like the great SJP can sometimes get it wrong; though we feel that her new collection definitely hits the mark. The collection is available online at Nordstrom, Zappos and with prices around £300 for a pair and you can view the full range at @sjpcollection


Are you Weddy to look for your perfect look? Then check out our bridal fashion page. 

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