Simple Ideas for a Personalised Wedding Ceremony

The perfect personalised tips to make your special day all about you!

With the expert help of Natasha Johnson from Engaged and Ready, we have got you some amazing personalised wedding touches to give you the most unforgettable day!



All weddings start with a wedding ceremony, the most important event of the day, which sees two people in love, formally declaring their commitment to each other in their presence of their loved ones and friends. The wedding ceremony makes up the heart of your whole wedding day and so it can be the perfect opportunity to start the day as you mean to go on, by pouring as much of your heart and personality into the key event of your day.



personalised wedding



So, look no further. Engaged and Ready have got you some perfect tips for personalising your wedding ceremony and making it reflect who you are as a couple. And what’s more, they are easy to do, they don’t cost anything and they will make your ceremony more personal to you!



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These personalised wedding tips can be applied to most types of ceremonies, religious or not, but do check with the person officiating your ceremony that there won’t be an objections. Hopefully, not!



Walk down the aisle with your mum and dad 



personalised wedding



More and more brides want to honour both parents on their wedding day and so one quick, easy and heartfelt way of doing this is to make an entrance with your parents. There is no nicer way of making both your parents feel a part of your special day and for them both to share and participate in such a proud moment with you.



Say your own vows



personalised wedding



Couples who have done this on their wedding day,  are often quoted as saying that it was the highlight of their wedding and their favourite part of all.



There really is nothing more personal and loving than to write your own vows and to say them to your loved one during your wedding ceremony. It does not have to be the length of a novel, nor do you need to follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps. All you need to write are a few simply lines to explain why you love your partner and a few promises that you want to make to them for your future lives together.



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Have a group sing-a-long



personalised wedding



There is no better or uplifting way to inject fun into your ceremony by inviting all of your family and friends to take part in a group song. In the same way as a traditional church hymn, in a non-religious ceremony you can choose from so many great songs to include in your ceremony. For example,  most people know The Beatles songs and for this reason they do make very popular choices for ceremony songs, with ‘All You Need Is Love’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand, ’ being two of the most popular. To include a song in your ceremony, all you need to do is to print off the lyrics, provide a backing track and you’ll be guaranteed a fun-filled addition to your ceremony.



Write your own poem or love story



personalised wedding



More and more couples are really embracing the idea of including their own poetry or even their own love story in their ceremony. Some couples find that although they like the idea of including a reading, they prefer to have something that is really reflective of them. So some write funny poems about them as a couple and ask a friend to read it.



Others even write a short story about how they met, as often not all guests actually know how a couple got together, so sometimes it can be a fun element to include, especially if the story involves some humorous tales! This can really add a nice and more personalised touch to a wedding ceremony, rather than having a traditional reading. You can get a personalised story book made here.



Pass your rings amongst your guests



personalised wedding



Before you exchange your weddings rings, it is a wonderful idea to have them passed amongst your family and friends for them to hold them and pass on their best wishes to you, via your wedding rings.



You may be surprised by what a lovely and emotional moment this creates and how honoured all of your guests feel in being able to participate in your ceremony this way and ultimately giving their good blessings to you. It needn't take long either,  each person can hold the rings for a few seconds before passing them on and if you wanted to, you could even have some music playing softly in the background to help with the flow of the rings. This is another fantastic way of getting your guests involved in your ceremony.



So, are you feeling ceremony inspired? I hope so!


For more fantastic ideas and inspiration, head over to Engaged and Ready now!


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