7 Signature Wedding Cocktails for You to Enjoy

7 Signature Wedding Cocktails for You to Enjoy

7 delicious cocktails to serve at your wedding

What better way to celebrate a wedding, or any day really, than with a delicious boozy cocktail! Yes, weddings are as good a time as any to indulge in some shaken-not-stirred delicacies, so why not make your day extra special by having a signature drink for all your guests to indulge in. Go classic, go contemporary, or make one up, as long as it includes lashings of the top shelf good stuff everyone’s guaranteed to love it.


1. Summer Sangria


Wedding Cocktails


Invite the Mediterranean to your wedding with jugs and jugs of delicious, sweet, refreshing sangria – the perfect combination of succulent fruit and rich, full bodied wine that everyone loves on a hot summer’s day.

2. French 75 with a Twist


Wedding Cocktails


A classic French 75 is all well and good but why not give your friends something they haven’t tried before…a French 75.5! A boozy combination of gin, champagne, lime juice, honey, and water - this is one cocktail not for the faint hearted.

3. Ciroc Lola


Wedding Cocktails


Is there really a way to improve on champagne? Yes, yes there is – add vodka. A Ciroc Lola is an exotic blend of Ciroc vodka, pomegranate juice, elderflower liqueur and champagne which can be garnished with a flower to match the decorations and the bouquets to make it extra special.

4. Cranberry Kiss


Wedding Cocktails


Follow up the first kiss between the bride and groom with a kiss between cranberry and rum! Spiced and tart, you mix together Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Collins mix and cranberry juice and serve over ice with a lemon wedge – your guests won’t be able to get enough.

5. La Rosette


Wedding Cocktails


Another delicate floral concoction – this simple cocktail is a mix of 4 parts brut Champagne with St Germain which can be garnished with a pansy for a distinct wedding feel.

6. The Knotti Martini


Wedding Cocktails


Make this cocktail your something blue! Mix Bacardi rum with blue curacao and pineapple juice and serve in a chilled martini glass – simple and exotic.

7. Caribbean Breeze


Wedding Cocktails


And finally, something pink. A slightly more complication concoction to finish, but well worth it from the first sip to the final swig. Mix together equal parts rum and grenadine along with half parts Grand Marnier and fresh squeezed lime juice along with a slosh of ginger beet and a thinly sliced lemon wheel to garnish. Serve in a tall glass and stand back as your guests drink up.

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