Show Stopping Wedding Cake Toppers

Why stick to the traditional? Pick a show stopping wedding cake topper to match your personality!

For a lot of wedding aficionados, myself included, the devil is in the detail. We love nothing more than seeing all of the little details come together to create the overall effect. One of my favourite details is the cake topper.


The cake topper allows a couple to add a bit of personality to their cake, be it reflecting their couple dynamic, (we’ve all seen the “reluctant groom” toppers), or reflecting their interests. Traditionally speaking the cake topper depicted the newlyweds as figurines, but couples are increasingly opting for different topper styles.


Whatever your budget, there are a hundreds of show stopping wedding cakes to suit you. Even the simplest of store-bought cakes can be turned into something spectacular with the right cake topper - and you can spend as little or as much money as you like on them. Here are a few of my favourites to give you some inspiration.


The Newlyweds


wedding cake topper 1 (1) show stopping wedding cakes


Even when it comes to the traditional “Bride & Groom” toppers there are different styles to suit every personality; be they traditional, funny or downright cheeky!




wedding cake topper 2(2) wedding cake topper 2(3)

Cartoon type toppers allow for greater personalisation than pre-made toppers. Allowing you to include your wedding colours, children and even pets on your cake.




show stopping wedding cakes wedding cake toppers 3(3) wedding cake toppers 3


How adorable are these cake toppers? If you don’t fancy seeing yourself depicted in icing sugar then these would be a nice alternative, especially if you are opting for a nature inspired wedding.




show stopping wedding cakes wedding cake toppers 4(3) wedding cake toppers 4

Abstract toppers are a great way to transfer your colour scheme or theme to your cake. The bunting topper would make a great addition to any vintage or garden themed wedding day.


Downright Weird


show stopping wedding cakes wedding cake toppers 5 wedding cake topper 5


Let’s face it, some cake toppers are downright weird, like this zombie wedding cake! But hey, each to their own and all that- it is your big day after all.


If this article has whet your appetite for more show stopping wedding cake ideas, check out  Tips to guarantee a glorious wedding cake.

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