6 reasons to give up sex before marriage

6 reasons to give up sex before marriage

6 reasons to give up sex before your wedding

Would you give up sex in the months before your wedding? No? Well, studies show that those who stop having sex with their partner in the weeks leading up to their wedding day have a more pleasurable wedding night than those who don’t. While this is a choice every bride and groom have to make on their own, we have six reasons why brides and grooms to-be should avoid getting under the covers in the time leading up to the big day.


1. The anticipation and excitement will make your wedding night magical and eventful.


2. While doing this does not make you a virgin again there is a sense of being touched, as man and wife, for the very first time.


3. Just because you’re not having sex doesn’t mean you can’t tease each other in different ways which could take you back to the dating days.


4. We all appreciate the things we have to wait for


5. There is something very romantic about stripping away sex and letting flirtation do all the work


6. You’ll find a new appreciation for the power of kissing which is often underrated.


Have we convinced you? Let us know your thoughts and if you think abstaining from sex before the big day would work for you.

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