Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Is there a secret to happiness?

I was playing “I spy” with my little cousin the other day. At some point he saw a man and a woman with their cheerful kid playing in the park, so he said in a cute way: “I spy a family”.


It’s inevitable. Whenever we see a happy couple, we can’t help wondering what makes them truly happy, whether it’s the taste of their own love, the time they spend together or just the thought of being a couple. Is there a way to know?


Happiness might seem like the most important thing. However, happiness can come and go and happy couples know that very well. That’s why they tend to focus more on the things that will bring happiness into their life. Happy and wise couples have learned that if you look for happiness in the same place where you lost it, you won’t find it again. You have to approach problems in a different way in order to get different results.


secrets to a happy marriage


Sometimes all you gotta do is change your mind, change your perspective and realise that the grass is greenest where you water it.


Happy couples have learned to put effort in their happiness. They are aware that love is a verb, not just a feeling. Feelings like happiness can disappear in the blink of an eye, but love is the result of commitment and will stay as long as you are willing to commit to it.


Marriage is often about fighting battles, not holding grudges and moving on from the past.


secrets to a happy marriage


A crisis in your marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage is over. You have to get through a storm to be able to see the sunshine.


Finally, here’s the most important secret of all. The real key to a happy marriage is that you have to follow your heart and your guts, no matter what. Because, in the end, there are no secrets at all.


If you're sure that your marriage really isn't heading in the right direction... check out this post if you're honestly thinking about a divorce. 

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