Say Yes To A White Wedding Dress?

2015 might signify the death of the white wedding, as nowadays young brides tend to increasingly want brightly coloured dresses.

It has been estimated that nearly 20% of women would totally emulate actress Jessica Biel and wear a pink dress on their wedding day. However, they would probably quite reluctant to wear red.


A wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony and its colour usually depends on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. Over the centuries, women continued to dress appropriately for their social status. It may seem that brides have been getting married in white forever,  but that’s not the case. The trend of wearing an white wedding dress originated in Britain and first became popular during the Victorian era, after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding.


white wedding dress


Nowadays, the term “white wedding” refers to the entire Western wedding routine, especially in the Christian religious tradition.


Again, brides nowadays are increasingly opting for coloured gowns, instead. So, if you want to look different on your Big Day, get Weddy to help you be inspired by some of these brides. Hollywood stars like Reese Whiterspoon and Jessica Biel ditched the white wedding gown when they got married, preferring instead to marry in colourful dresses.


white wedding dress


One of the world’s greatest fashion icon, Elizabeth Taylor, who married her husband in 1964,  walked down the island in a canary yellow gown. She was unconventional way before 2015.


Another early purveyor of the pink/purple dress trend before it got popular among the stars, was Julianne Moore in 2003.


white wedding dress


There can be so many options if you choose to not wear a white gown on the most important day of your life. After all, tradition is not everything!


Check out a few other wedding traditions we're Weddy to end in 2015!

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