Say it with a love song

Say it with a love song

Musical ways to propose to your partner.

Selecting the right song to use in a marriage proposal can seem hard work but it’s easier than it may seem. If you’re planning on proposing, why not look through a list of beautiful love songs that will describe your love perfectly?


Love Song


John Legend – All of Me


I don’t think it’s possible not to melt while listening to this song. It expresses amazingly well how everyone should feel about their partner, the devoted affection and the mutual comprehension.


Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud


Just like a beautiful poem, this is an ideal song to speak your heart thruthfully in front of the person of your life.


Christina Perri – A Thousand Years


With this song, rest assured that you will amaze your partner with the sweetness of Perri’s voice and lyrics. For at least “a thousand years”.




Sam Smith – Stay with me


“This ain’t love, it’s clear to see. But darling, stay with me”. This might be not the most traditional marriage proposal song, but somehow it really gets me. Sometimes it is difficult to define love, as it can be found in different places and under different forms. Whenever you start a new love story, it can never be the same as the one you had before. Sam Smith’s song leaves a door open for a love that grows in a hopeless place.


The Proclaimers - I’m gonna be (500 miles)


This old country song by The Proclaimers is perfect for a marriage proposal. After all, hearing a man say that he’s willing to walk 500 miles for them is every woman’s dream.



One thing is certain.Whenever one is so in love or scared to confess their feelings, please keep in mind that music can definitely help.


Love Song

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