S2 Images - Crossing the Cultural Rubicon

S2 Images - Crossing the Cultural Rubicon

S2 Images are a unique husband and wife pair of wedding photographers: double the angles, and no more missed opportunities!

They often say that two heads are better than one, and taking this adage for granted I doubt we ever really stop to think about what this really means. At a wedding, we join two individuals from two families together out of their love for one another, and yet we simply assume that the couple’s experience of the wedding is one and the same. This is patently not the case and yet there still is that tacit compromise underlying all decisions regarding the big day- his choice, or hers?

Although admittedly, it is almost always hers!


Enter Sonia and Simon of S2 Images.

S2 Images are an entirely unique proposition to have at your wedding. Two photographers from completely different cultural backgrounds and with contrasting yet cohesive styles: double the angles, and no more missed opportunities! Simon will typically be covering the groom in the build up to the ceremony, and Sonia will spend all day with the bride, uncovering for both to-be-weds the intimacies of their greatest day. Intimacies which they will have otherwise missed are now treasured memories in their wedding album. A wedding album where half the photographs are ones that you didn’t know were taken, replete with those secret snippets of what your greatest day was like for your dearest.




What makes the proposition of S2 Images even more enticing is that Sonia and Simon are in fact married. They met as photographers, through their mutual interest of course, and have been capturing memories and visually telling your stories ever since! He is more self-taught and technical (according to her), and she has had 5 year’s worth of education in fashion photography honing the eye. By both of their admissions, wedding photography is where their hearts are and described it as, “Doing what we love, while you marry”.


Their own personal experience of marriage means that on your big day, you will also have their pervading calm to soothe your nerves throughout as you embark on your biggest adventure. An outsider on the inside, or inside-outer. A confidant who will listen to you, offer moral support and ultimately speak the truth you need in preparation for the biggest moment of your life.


To find out more or book S2 Images for your wedding, click here.  

Sonia and Simon’s relaxed approach has them seen more a guests, albeit with cameras, quietly taking a balance of staged and candid shots without ever taking over the show and seizing those hidden moments captured for you to treasure forever.


It is this calm that sets S2 Images utterly apart: Sonia and Simon may joke about how they’re also counsellors, and though quipped in jest, the truth behind it comes from the recognition of this profound human empathy. They want to be hired for who they are because this helps them reinforce the special bond between photographer and subject by understanding what your needs truly are.




And as a consequence with S2 Images there are simply no compromises:

They are themselves the package and they do not impose a limit to their time, or charge by the hour. Sonia and Simon see it as an honour to be invited to the happiest day of your life and chronicle it for you. So they will do whatever it takes to tell the best story.

Each package is bespoke just for you. They intimate to me that it isn’t about business, it’s about you, on your day, beginning your life with your beloved.

This is their ethos, it is just the way they work.

And no matter what your background or religion, all beliefs will be respected as they’ve  partnered with GraphiStudio to pioneer the process for an all female production line (should this be required, as the case with some faiths)!


To find out more or book S2 Images for your wedding, click here. 

Sonia and Simon also shared with me their personal goal wanting to provide all of their clients with albums, offering a tailored album consultation. Whether they are able to afford them or not, they want to be able to tailor any package to suit your exact wants and needs. It is afterall your first physical memories as a family crystallised in an heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

It is from this rare principled position that they are able to provide you with hand-made albums made in Italy to encase your history with a lifetime guarantee and image backup.

Now tell me you don’t want to invite them back to dinner!




To find out more or book S2 Images for your wedding, click here.  

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