Top 4 Record Breaking Weddings

Top 4 Record Breaking Weddings

Record breaking weddings that take the ceremonies to the extreme

Do you want to see your wedding photo in the paper somewhere other than just the Announcements section? Then follow in the footsteps of these 5 record breaking couples and do something show stopping!


1. Biggest Bridal Party


If you think you’re having a hard time picking your bridesmaids and groomsmen then no one understands you more than Amy and Alex Simmons. In February 2015 the couple walked down the aisle in Leeds flanked by 130 bridesmaids and 103 ushers, a bridal party bigger than most couples entire guest list! The lucky bride and groom didn’t have to foot the bill for the matching dresses (worth around £35, 000!) – Every element of the day was donated by local businesses thanks to the couple winning a Facebook competition.


Record Breaking Weddings


2. Most Expensive Wedding


There is a handful of people in the world who don’t need to win a competition to throw a record breaking wedding, and at the top of that pile there’s Vanisha Mittal, who threw the world’s most expensive wedding back in 2004. Vanisha, the daughter of billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, married investment banker Amit Bhatia during a 6 day Parisian extravaganza! The wedding party was the only private function ever to take place in the splendour of the palace of Versailles, all for a mere £40, 000, 000.


Record Breaking Weddings


3. Longest Wedding Dress Train


Prepare to be amazed – the Guinness World Record for the longest wedding dress train is a staggering 3 miles long! The blushing bride hailed from Chengdu China and the train reportedly needed 40 bridesmaids to help carry it down the aisle! The full cost of the dress was £4000, a small price to pay for making it into the record books.


Record Breaking Weddings


4. Most Extreme Ceremony


Mandy Pohja from Lander Wyoming’s dream wedding was about thrills, not frills. Instead of a lavish church service or a sprawling country manner affair, Mandy started her wedding day by waking up at 5am and hiking and biking almost 40 miles before climbing the 11, 884ft Pingora Peak before marrying at its summit.


Record Breaking Weddings

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