Rain On Your Wedding Day

These tips will make sure you’re fully prepared for rain on your wedding day.

We all know this time of year is the time for all things wedding; yet we’ve all heard the old poem: April showers bring forth May flowers, but rain on your wedding day is the last thing any newlywed-to-be could want.


Though the skies may be clear leading up to the day, the weather can be a little unpredictable and making sure you’re prepared for anything from a mild shower to a thunderstorm will keep your guests celebrating no matter what.


1) For The Bride 


Whether you have rain on your wedding day or not, it’s a good idea to invest in some waterproof makeup. Not only does this guarantee against any emotional expressions, but it also keeps your makeup looking great if the heavens do decide to open.


It may also help to prepare for rain by investing in some waterproof outerwear; though this may not be completely necessary, it may be a wise option in the cooler, wetter months.


rain on your wedding day


2) For Your Guests 


If you have the budget , providing cheap outerwear/rented umbrellas for your guests may be a thoughtful addition. Not only will your guests be dry, but a collection of brightly coloured umbrellas or wellies look great in photos.


In advance, remind your guests what the weather predictions say for your date and what they may need to bring just in case.


rain on your wedding day


3) Your Photographer 


Have your photographer pick some places that would be great for taking photos just in case of rain on your wedding day. Areas with great floor to ceiling windows, grand staircases or fireplaces make for great photos.


rain on your wedding day


4) An Outdoor Wedding 


If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding then it may be beneficial to have a covered area in case of rain. Ask the organisers at your venue what plans they have in place in case of a downpour.


It’s important to remember not to panic; though this is easier said than done, you can’t control rain on your wedding day; make sure that whatever the weather, you, your loved one and family and friends will all be singing in the rain!


rain on your wedding day


Be prepared, whatever the weather, with Weddy's help

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