How to propose in the XXI century

How to propose in the XXI century

The most innovative, creative but still romantic ways to propose nowadays.

It is a fact that a girl’s biggest dream is her perfect paragraph. proposal. Every girl, sooner or later, wants to be asked “The Question”. However, times have changed and modern girls do not want the ordinary scenario, that is the guy getting down on his knee with a red rose in his hands and just proposing. Girls nowadays ask for something more. Despite most guys’ lack of creativity, when it comes to asking this important question, proposing in the XXI century has never been easier.


Have you ever thought about been proposed during a movie night? Some might even consider it to be out of place, but I personally think it’s both romantic and innovative. Pop your favourite DVD (ideally a chick flick or a romantic drama that will make you shed loads of tears) into the DVD player and start watching the movie. When the most romantic part of the story comes up, that’s the right moment for him to look at you in the eyes, ask the pretty question and kiss you.




How about a custom website? If your partner is tech savy and is familiar with websites such as Tumblr, he would have no trouble creating a personalized page that tells you about your love story from the very beginning. Add some significant pictures and some lovely captions and you’ll end up having an interactive way to say “Will you marry me?”.




Make him say it with a song, if he can sing or if you two have a special song together. Even better, you could make him enlist a real singer or someone you both admire to be a part of the proposal. Of course, this can take time and coordination but ultimately makes the proposal memorable. You could also plan an on-air proposal. I have to admit it. This idea is definitely on my list. Although public proposals are quite common among people, I still find them very romantic. Seeing your partner getting down on his knee in front of many people might be the most exciting feeling ever. However, you should consider the pressure of having to make a life-changing decision in front of everybody else.


Whatever proposal you choose, make sure to always be yourselves. The proposal must be a romantic beginning for a beautiful love story that is and will always be yours.

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