Plugged In: Social Media At Weddings

From capturing the moment on the spot or living in it, wedding technology etiquette may be more complex than you think.

These days, there is a high chance your wedding pictures will be out on Instagram faster than your photo album and with an only increasing popularity of technology,  it’s so much easier to do so.


When it comes to wedding technology etiquette, many brides are sceptical about guests being on social media at weddings instead of living in the moment; there is also the added issue of the pictures their guests taking being put up on social media long before the happy couple have a chance to. Of course some have no problem with this whatsoever and therein lies the issue: do you or do you not ask your guests to put their technology away?


technology at weddings


Wedding technology etiquette: Advantages


There are many reasons why you should consider allowing your guests to keep their smartphones on and recording; these include the fact that your guests may capture something special your photographer may have missed.


Having your guests engage in the event with picture taking can really boost the atmosphere and remove tension between guests. Many couples encourage guests to make a hashtag so pictures can be found on social media easily.


technology at weddings


If happens rarely, but if you are unhappy with the pictures your photographer take, you have a range of pictures to choose from and share with family and friends.


Wedding technology etiquette: Disadvantages


Of course there is also the issue of the photographer; the flash from smartphones and other cameras may at times ruin the pictures the the photographer is trying to take.


Phones can also remove the intimate magical element from the wedding and can cause distractions; your guests may forget where they are and may be focusing more on their screens than the scene in front of them.


social media at weddings


If the pictures were to make it on social media, there is a risk of those not invited to the wedding finding out.


Social media in itself may not be an ideal feature; many couples have an issue with the fact that their pictures may be seen by people they don’t know or stuck on the web forever.


Finally, there’s the fact that no one (absolutely no one!) and no scene, looks good with a large tablet. These large screens do not look great being shoved into a bride’s face and also make the viewing experience for the people behind a fraction more difficult.


Wedding technology etiquette: Deactivate the devices


It can be a touchy subject; people are so attached to their phones these days, it’s difficult to imagine a person without one. However, if you wish to keep all technological nuisances to a minimum and want to ask your guests to switch off their devices, then here’s how you can without offending too much:


Firstly, ask nicely. Being polite usually works and your guests should respect your wishes. Place a little note in the invites or around the venue and perhaps asking your photographer to capture many pictures of your guests throughout the wedding or a photo booth will encourage your guests to get involved a little more.


social media at weddings


It may be necessary to ask your guests to remove the flash, stand at the back of the room or only take pictures once the ceremony is over.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure your requests are known in good time and that all your needs are made clear to your guests; ultimately, you want them to have a good time sharing the celebrations with you.


Maybe after reading this the idea of social media at your wedding isn't really a haunting thought? In that case you're going to need this app for the day.

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