Photography Mistakes to Avoid At your wedding

Photography Mistakes to Avoid At your wedding

Photographer Toby Aiken gives his top wedding photography mistakes to avoid

We make them all the time, silly mistakes that in hindsight could have been avoided but when it comes to your wedding day, it’s the silly mistakes we need to avoid. Why? Because you only get one day so why not ensure it’s a perfect one. This is particularly important when it comes to wedding photography as those pictures will serve as memories of your magical day forever. However, many errors can be made when dealing with photography so we want to arm you with some handy ways to avoid them. We spoke with freelance wedding photographer Toby Aiken of Toby Aiken Photography to get his quick tips on wedding photography mistakes to avoid. Here’s what he told us:


  • Don’t cut corners when it comes to photography. These are some of the most important photographs you’ll ever own so ensure you’ve got a good photography budget
  • Don’t have friends or family as your designated photographers. This is a road to Disasterville as amateur photographers can often make mistakes professional photographers wouldn’t!
  • You can get a great photography package for around £3, 000 so if you can hike up the budget a little you’ll get some excellent results. It’s not an area I would try to cut costs in.
  • Enjoy being the centre of attention and relax, it’s always obvious when someone doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera so just be yourself.
  • Always feed the hired help. There’s nothing worse than being on your feet for 8+ hours a day and not being fed – no-one wants the photographer to pass out before the job’s done!


That’s my advice from Toby Aiken Photography.

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