The Flushing Bride's 5 Top Tips for Picking your Perfect Wedding Dress

The Flushing Bride's 5 Top Tips for Picking your Perfect Wedding Dress

Looking for your dream wedding dress? The Flushing Bride shares her 5 top tips to help you find your dream wedding dress

In my previous post, I promised hints and tips to help you plan the perfect wedding. And one of the most important and exciting parts of planning your big day is finding your wedding dress. So here are 5 of my top tips to help you find your dream wedding dress!

#1 Think underwear!

Keep it plain and simple! I’m talking no colour, no frills,  no seams, no bows, no nothing! A beautiful white wedding dress can somewhat lose the dream look if you can see your bright red underwear shining through!



#2 Look beyond the ill-fitting-ness!

Wedding dress shops will have sample dresses in standard sizes, mostly size 12 in my experience, and therefore if you are any smaller you will need to be pinned in. Any larger and you will have to imagine what it looks like done up.

You have to look beyond the pins and the hooks and any other bits and pieces that have been attached to you. Or beyond the fact that the buttons or bows or zips don’t quite do up!

And trust that when is it made to fit you, it will look perfect!



#3 Try the whole look!

Don't underestimate what a difference things like jewellery and a veil can make. You may put a dress on that you think is 'quite nice'. Obviously 'quite nice' is never going to cut it for your big day, but I wouldn't dismiss the dress this early.

Make sure you put the entire look together because it can make such a difference! For me, no dresses felt right when my hair was down. As soon as I put my hair up the dresses felt so much better, and most importantly, I felt perfect! I was even given a bouquet at one point and then you really start to feel like a bride. Although I did feel a little silly prancing up and down the shop with flowers in hand.



#4 Give it height!

If you plan to wear heels on your big day then try the dress on with heels. This seems obvious but sometimes when you're wrapped up in the moment you don't think about it.

Wedding dress shops will have some shoes for you to use in a variety of sizes so ask them if they don't offer them straight away. Or if you already have your shoes,  take them along with you. But I would probably suggest you choose your dress before your shoes.



#5 Subtle changes can make a big difference!

Some people find it harder than others to find their dream dress. Just like some people find it harder than others to find their dream man! And for those people I think it's worth bearing in mind that subtle changes to dresses can make a big difference.

For instance, you may almost love a dress but there's something about the neckline that doesn't feel right. Most dress shops will make changes for you and something like a different neckline can transform a dress, as can an altered waistband, or slightly more frills, or slightly less frills!



Finding your dress is such an exciting part of planning your wedding and I hope this has helped guide you along your way. For more hints and tips for your wedding dress shopping read my Wedding Dress Shopping Dos and Don’ts.


And don’t forget to tell me when you’ve said yes to your dress!


For more great wedding tips from the Flushing Bride visit her blog, and make sure you follow her on Twitter.

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