Perfect Homemade Vintage Wedding

vintage wedding ideas you can create with handmade touches without dipping into the honeymoon fund!

Chandeliers, centrepieces, wedding favours,  candelabras - all sounds rather expensive doesn't it? Wedding decorations are without doubt an integral part of setting the right tone for your wedding, but how do you get your perfect place-settings when you're pinching the purse strings? More and more of us are having to tie the knot on smaller budgets, or simply just want a big day that is not so, well...big!

This however does not mean that you want to compromise on the beauty and little touches that reflect your own personality and style. Here are some vintage wedding ideas you can create without breaking the bank.


So, you know you want a small, personal wedding that isn't going to deplete the honeymoon spends (Pina Colada's are obviously top priority). For so many couples who are in this position, a great way to achieve a stylish yet cost effective look is with a 'quirky and quaint' theme. Shabby chic and vintage floral have not just been booming on high street home-ware stores and furniture boutiques, they've also exploded in a shower of bunting and mason jars on the wedding scene.


We can see why too - The lovingly tarnished wood and individual, yet understated prints enable you to dream up a classic,  romantic wedding that still that radiates individuality. The beauty of this theme is that you can customise as much or as little as your budget allows.


You can hand-make favours, centrepieces and even the decorations at a minimal price. Decking out the venue usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag. However, by using a few simple materials it's easy to shave off a lot of pounds! The trick with this theme is to get creative, the more weird and wonderful ideas you have, the more dramatic the look.


In terms of colour you have full creative control. However, the ones I have personally seen work best are delicate pastel tones such as pinks and off whites in fabrics and flowers, contrasted with rough wood to create the perfect picture of rustic romance. So never mind forking out for a frozen swan or a chocolate fountain,  here are some top tips on how to create beautiful unique pieces that will leave your guests thinking "I wish I'd have thought of that!".



1. Home-made teacup candles



teacup candles



This really is an easy and cheap way to make beautiful centrepieces for your guests' tables. All you need is a bunch of old teacups (you can pick up these vintage floral ones from charity shops and car boots for next to nothing.) and some cheap candles.



The best method for creating these cute little cups is to cut off the wax from your candles (leaving the wick intact for use later) and melt the wax in a pan on the stove, stirring occasionally. Once its melted - fill your cups!



TOP TIP: cut the saved wick to size for each teacup. To get the wick central in your candle, wrap the tip of the wick around a pencil and balance the pencil on the rim of the cup. The bottom of the wick should touch the bottom of the teacup when submerged in the melted wax. Once the wax has cooled and set,  uncurl the end of the wick that is wrapped around the pencil and trim to desired length. There you have it!



2. Nature lover favours



let the love grow favour



This vintage theme is all about doing things a little differently. So as a favour to your guests, why not give them something they can adorn their gardens with.



Granted - a bird feeder may not immediately scream 'wedding', but nobody can deny how adorable they look in a dinky cookie-cut heart shape. These favours are perfect for nature lovers, so fill a paper envelope with wildflower seeds and wait for your gift to bloom.



3. Love story centrepieces



stacked books



Another great centrepiece idea is to stack books as a miniature table for your table flowers. you can pick up any old novel from a charity shop or car boot sale (the more tatty the better) or grab some of the classic love stories to compliment your own!



For a more dramatic effect, you can even rip out pages and cut out little hearts from the text to scatter along the table - nothing makes better confetti than Pride and Prejudice!



For the flowers, why not tie a large mason jar with some twine (or add parcel paper and lace if you're feeling particularly crafty) and fill with your favourite bouquet. Simple and elegant with a unique twist.



These were just a few simple, money saving ideas to get you started on crafting your own vintage look. So now it's over to you. Pour some wine, get the bridesmaids round and sew some bunting! just try not to spill any on your masterpiece!



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