A Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding

A Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding

How to pull off a Lord of the Rings themed wedding

“One ring to rule them all…”


Okay so maybe you didn’t turn invisible when that engagement ring was slipped on your finger, but that’s not going to stop you from basing your wedding around your favourite set of novels: Lord of the Rings.


Themed weddings can be a bit like marmite, and often illicit disapproving groans. Your guests will automatically envisage the worst: long winded speeches based on book excerpts; being forced to wear hairy feet and drink some form of knock-off mead instead of champagne.


It needn’t be that way!


We’ve trawled the world wide web for inspiration, and with these ideas you’ll doubtlessly be able to pull off a tasteful hobbit-filled wedding, that is as subtle or as outlandish as you like. Hairy feet optional of course!









The devil is in the detail when it comes to this wedding; the bride and groom have kept the dress traditional with subtle touches like this elven inspired headband worn by the bride. The cake may be a little less subtle but it’s a wedding cake- it’s not meant to be! The Lord of the Rings inspired table decorations are in theme without going over the top, and work perfectly with the chosen table names- and not a flagon of mead in sight.











These weddings speak for themselves! If Lord of the Rings, or fantasy in general, is a passion that unites you then why not go all out? Special bonus points go to the bridesmaids who went the extra mile to wear elf ears; and what groom wouldn’t love to cut his cake with a magical sword? If you don’t have the budget to blow on hiring a castle for the day, then holding your ceremony outside will work just as well for this theme.





For more fantasy-themed weddings, check this out!

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