Iconic Movie Wedding Disasters

Iconic Movie Wedding Disasters

No matter what goes wrong on your big day it’s sure to be better than these disasters

The run up to your big day is stressful, that much is obvious. Visions of everything that could go wrong flood your brain when you’re preparing to tie the knot but don’t worry, whatever happens it’s sure to be a lot more manageable then our favourite movie wedding disasters.


1. The Hangover


Movie Wedding


The moral of The Hangover is simple – don’t plan your stag and hen dos the night before your wedding! Do it in advance and you’ll avoid the wedding party running all over Las Vegas (or Blackpool, same thing) looking for you because it won’t matter if you pull a disappearing act. They’ll have plenty of time to find you and sober you up.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding


Movie Wedding


We can’t blame Julia Roberts for trying to steal Cameron Diaz’s man right? Who isn’t in love with Dermot Mulroney? But if you want to avoid a similar disaster befalling your big day then keep all the ex-lovers well away from the guest list, you never know who’s still harbouring a flame.

3. 4 Weddings and a Funeral


Movie Wedding


The vicar forgetting his lines? You can live with that. Drunk bride? It’s her wedding and she can do what she wants. Death during the reception? OK that one’s harder to slide under the carpet, but it’s the 4th wedding, the wedding where Hugh Grant informs Duck Face at the alter that he can’t go through with it after all, that is the true wedding disaster. Our advice: make all big, life altering decisions before you get to the church.

4. The Graduate


Movie Wedding


Romantic or tragic? We all know the scene: Dustin Hoffman banging on the glass in the church where he tries to stop Katherine Ross, the daughter of the sultry Mrs Robinson who he spends the first half of the movie bedding, marrying another man. She runs the wrong way down the aisle and into Hoffman’s arms before the two board a bus and start to contemplate the ramifications of the decision they just made, was it really the right thing to do?

5. Kill Bill


Movie Wedding


The wedding disaster to end all wedding disasters – guns blazing in a Battle Royale stand-off that see’s everyone but the bride annihilated, making way for Uma Thurman to take her grizzly revenge.

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