6 Mistakes to avoid with your Wedding Shoes

We’ve all bought shoes that we’ve later come to regret.

They look so pretty on the shelf- it’s just a shame that we can’t bear to wear them. Don’t let your wedding shoes suffer the same fate as those gorgeous heels sat in your wardrobe - avoid making these mistakes and you’ll feel like cinderella in no time.


1) Not Wearing Them In.


We appreciate that you don’t want to ruin them before the big day, but wearing in your shoes is a must! You needn’t strut your stuff up and down your street, but wearing them around the house on a carpeted floor will do the job just fine.


wedding shoes


2) Buying Something That You Can’t Wear Again.


It’s not just the bridesmaids dresses that should have longevity, so should your bridal shoes. Pick a style that you know you are comfortable with; if you love to rock a peep-toe wedge then go for it; it shouldn’t matter that shoe-boots might be the in thing (especially if they don’t flatter your calves!).


wedding shoes


3) Going For Unrealistic Height.


You do know you need to walk down the aisle in these right? Pick a pair of shoes with a heel height that you can comfortably wear all day; you don’t want to shuffle ungracefully around the place because your feet are hurting.


wedding shoes


4) Not Getting A Second Pair.


You don’t normally have this problem, surely? You have the perfect excuse to buy two pairs of shoes and if you don’t use it then clearly we have taught you nothing. While you may love your heels you might want to consider getting something you can dance all night in, that isn’t going to make you hobble down to breakfast in the morning.


wedding shoes


5) Going Budget.


We’re all for a bargain at Weddy, but you really shouldn’t be scrimping on your shoes. Cheaper shoes simply don’t have the padding and freedom of movement that quality shoes have.


wedding shoes

6) Neglecting Tradition.


Apparently stowing a sixpence piece in your wedding shoe is supposed to bring good luck to your marriage. The coin symbolizes love, happiness and prosperity. Couldn’t hurt to give it a go.


wedding shoes


Let Weddy help you find the perfect pair of shoes!

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