Meet The Modern Bride

Meet The Modern Bride

She’s made many changes over the years and we think they’re all for the best

She’s changed because we’ve changed – The bride.  Once a symbol of meek and subservient women devoted only to their husbands and wifely duties the modern bride has now come to represent a whole new kind of woman, a liberated and bold individual from a whole new wedding generation.


Credit where credit is due, the age of the modern bride as we know and love her today started years ago, around the time when Marilyn Monroe chose to opt out of the vow to obey in her 1956 wedding to Arthur Miller. Acts like this spawned a whole new type of bride one who really questioned the vows she took, asked her fiancé exactly what he was expecting post marriage and dared to rock a little cleavage at the altar.


modern bride


As the years go by there are many who question whether weddings, and thus the bride, are traditions that should become obsolete. But, when Angelina Jolie walked down the aisle with six children and a doodle covered veil we were inclined to believe that no one can suppress the modern bride. As with anything that evokes social change the dawn of the new bride began with a change in mind-set, when traditions became a less prominent feature of weddings the bride realised that she could have a celebration that truly represented who she was. A wedding could incorporate the couple’s quirks, it could include vows that actually meant something to those making them and above all it could put the bride at the very centre.


modern bride


The role of a today’s bride is much like the role of a modern women in a modern marriage, she takes control and the experience is all the better for it. Now of course you’ll want your partner’s opinion, you’ll want to know what he wants for his wedding day, the types of venues he had a good feeling about and the kind of wedding he’d like to have and (as long as it doesn’t involve a cape and a wind machine) then you’ll click your fingers and make everything happen. As a modern bride you need not be afraid to think outside of the box, in fact research shows that wacky weddings are not only the most memorable but also the most enjoyable. It’s for this reason that saying your vows on a roller-coaster in Disneyland is now socially acceptable – though we would advise against going that far (yes, that’s even if he did propose on that same ride, it’s not cute – move on!).


unique bride


Aside from being outside of the box our modern bride is in many ways undefinable due largely to her individuality. This is something the world has come to appreciate, the bride of today isn’t the cardboard cut-out of yesterday’s bride, last week’s bride, or even next Saturday’s she’s her own woman. This is seen through the variety of wedding dresses the wedding runway is seeing - from Kim Kardashian’s cut-out sexy style, to Kate Middleton’s long sleeved ensemble and of course Olivia Palermo’s unforgettably casual sweater and tulle – and it’s this individuality that we love, it’s what has changed the bride and made her the proud and sensational woman walking down aisles from here to North Dakota. Now of course every generation must make their own way and maybe 50 years from now the delicate, classic bride will make a comeback but for now we’re happy to see the ever alluring and truly fabulous modern bride take her willing spot at the altar.


Finding your own unique bridal style that is special to you can take many hours of planning and deliberation, but for some ideas, check out the bridal style trends for 2016.

Brangelina - At Last

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