Make Your Wedding Theme A Blockbuster Hit

A touch of the theatre with a hint of class is all a cinema themed wedding needs!

Who doesn’t want a touch of glamour when it comes to weddings and how better to do so than with a dash of Hollywood magic?


If Hollywood is more your thing, a cinema themed wedding may be right up your street!


Get married at the movies with a wedding that depicts all the things you love about film.


wedding theme


What You Will Need:


Cinema Ticket Invites:


Whether these are for your theme or not, these will make a great addition to any cinema themed wedding. Keep your guests guessing or let them know what they’re in for, these invites spell fun for the whole night!


wedding theme


Cinema Inspired Decorations


From clapboard centrepieces and red carpet table plans to a film reel wedding cake and mini theatre, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your cinema themed wedding.


For a touch of vintage theatre, get hold of a smart phone projector and usher trays for your guests to take snacks from while they celebrate.


wedding theme




Popcorn machines, pick ‘n’ mix stations and a great cinema inspired bar are all ways to fully immerse yourself in the theme.


Many movie theatres also allow weddings and wedding receptions, so while you’re taking a look at the cinema theme why not check out local cinemas to add extra glamour to your theme?


Don’t forget the cake! No cinema themed wedding would be complete without the main centrepiece!


A movie themed wedding such as this can be interpreted anyhow you wish it to; whether you wish to honour the eras of the 20’s and 50’s or show your love for modern cinema in the form of blockbuster film franchises.


Classic or not, a wedding theme celebrating the arts is one sure to be engraved in the memories of all who attend!


wedding theme


Get Weddy to have the grand release of the wedding  of the year (yours of course) ready for release ASAP!

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