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Chose Purple Ribbon to give you the most unique and personalised wedding gift of all: your very own wedding film

Parties end. Memories Last Forever…


Purple Ribbon Weddings create films for extraordinary weddings & events.


If we had to vote for the most often shared piece of advice that newlyweds give, it would be to enjoy your day, because it unfolds in an instant. You will spend hours, days and months planning and anticipating one of the most important days of your life, and suddenly – it’s all over! So if you had a chance to re-live it all again, would you?


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Purple Ribbon are a Melbourne and London-based wedding video production company, specialising in candid, natural & timeless wedding films. Most wedding videographers tend to show the complete event from start to finish in a very traditional way.


Purple Ribbon are not your average wedding videographers.


This team of professional filmmakers have managed to turn wedding videography into a powerful storytelling tool showing us that it is actually possible to transform ordinary wedding videos into quality pieces that not only capture the events of the day, but also the emotions that present themselves.


purple ribbon


For Purple Ribbon, wedding videography is not just about mere business. “It’s family-oriented” states Leo Payne, Senior Filmmaker and UK Manager at Purple Ribbon . The company’s unique signature-style is one of the key strengths of the business. Not only do the filmmakers make use of state-of-the-art video equipment in order to cover every aspect of your day, they also aim to create a personal, long-standing relationship with their clients.


Filmmakers at Purple Ribbon are responsible for all aspects of film production. They first meet each couple for a consultation in order to make sure that each couple gets the service that they’re looking for. The filmmaker will soon become the couple’s first point of contact and they take care of the entire process – from shooting to editing and delivering the final product. Purple Ribbon prides itself in providing incredibly relaxed and unobtrusive wedding coverage.


And if you ask Leo how that is possible, he explains confidently that “It comes with practice”. They don’t ask people to pose, smile or even look at the camera. As expertly trained filmmakers who have managed to make a business around their passion, they know exactly when to film and when not to; they have mastered the art of capturing memories and turning them into beautiful visual narratives. And they always do that in a professional way. After all, couples are expecting their wedding videos to be as spontaneous and laid-back as possible. And after taking a look at some of the films on Purple Ribbon’s online portfolio, I can guarantee that they really are special.



purple ribbon


The best thing about Purple Ribbon’s wedding videos? All your family and guests will have the chance to be in it. The day flies by so quickly and chances are you might not have the time to share more than a few minutes with some of the people at your wedding. Thanks to Purple Ribbon, you will have the chance to catch up with all those precious little moments that you might have missed. It is not all about living in the moment. It is also about capturing the magic of those special moments on your wedding day and being able to feel it all over again. And this is what film can do for you. While photographs are incredible, nothing beats seeing the laughter and tears and all the emotions that have made your day so special and unique.


What if you don’t live in London or Melbourne? Locations are no problem at all. Purple Ribbon is one of the very few companies willing to travel as far as their successful business requires them to. In fact, they frequently travel all over the world. Their main goal is to turn your memories into visual treasures, something that will be forever kept and forever beloved.


If you are planning to get married soon and want to know more about wedding video packages and services, contact Purple Ribbon at or follow them on:





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