Luxury Honeymoon Destinations - Bom Bom Island

Luxury Honeymoon Destinations - Bom Bom Island

If you’re looking for the honeymoon adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Bom Bom Island

Looking for luxury honeymoon destinations? We give you Bom Bom Island.



luxury honeymoon destinations



It’s your honeymoon, the one time in your life when all that matters is love. And when you choose the destination that will host such a memorable time why not make it a sensational spot, dripping in perfection, a place where you can not only relax but rediscover both yourselves and the world. Luxury honeymoon destinations don't come close to this.



luxury honeymoon destinations



There are few places on this great earth that remain untouched, laying peacefully in sublime purity with a natural air that will entertain your soul reminding you of that time in life when things where simple and of the way the world should really be. You may be asking yourself if such a place truly exists and the answer to that question is ‘yes’. The place? Bom Bom Island Resort.



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To those honeymooners for whom the madness of your wedding day buzz and all that goes with it has merely required a real getaway this place will not disappoint. Frequently described as one of the most tranquil places in the world, Bom Bom Island takes you far away from the hectic city haze and the increasingly dreary digital days. It’s a place that refocuses the mind, calms it and allows you to immediately settle. This ecological gold mine in the Gulf of Guinea boasts an enthralling, pristine rainforest and secluded beaches made, so it seems for you and you alone. Set alongside an untouched volcano with an ever-expanding eco-system that is certainly Bom Bom Island’s answer to chaotic city life, it’s the perfect setting for your first adventure as man and wife.



luxury honeymoon destinations



Despite its seclusion the island is also home to a bold community who express a diverse combination of African cultures and Portuguese traditions. Throughout the year the island sees an array of local festivals and events so those willing to venture outside of their comfort zone won’t be disappointed. Natural beauty is the primary allure of this honeymooner’s paradise which homes unique bird life and the chance to capture some of the most incredible sights nature has to offer. From the once in a lifetime view of migrating wales to life’s beginnings during turtle nesting season it’s a natural paradise bustling with life. As the island only has 20 Bungalows the feeling of blissful seclusion isn’t just a feeling, it’s a sweet reality.



luxury honeymoon destinations



And there, in the true lap of nature both you and your partner can settle into married life with exceptional ease. We do have to warn you that luxury honeymoon destinations like this are not the kind you’ll find easy to leave behind and as you snorkel through turquoise waters greeted by a magnificent array of marine life or find yourself charmed by the music and dancing of the smiling locals you may even find a new love, a love for the swaying trees charming breeze and the true meaning of peace.



luxury honeymoon destinations



Luxury honeymoon destinations don't get much better than that. For more information go to  Bom Bom Island Resort.



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