Bridesmaids: How To Love the Bridal Party

Bridesmaids: How To Love the Bridal Party

Show your bridal party some love on your wedding day!

Show your bridal party some love on your wedding day!


Bridesmaids need a lot of love too! When planning your nuptials, it can be easy to forget the ladies by your side; here we take a look at the little things you can do to ensure the nearest and dearest in your bridal party are showered with the utmost love and care.


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The Right Choice


The choice of bridesmaids is one that must be considered, considered, and then considered again; sure it’s easy to take a look at who may be sitting next to you at this very moment, but a few months down the line, will they still be sitting there?

Be warned, when it comes to choosing the bridal party, most usually pick the ladies in the family first (including his family!) before adding friends. This often seen as a good idea even if it means a friend has to be left out; friends will understand but Cousin Sue might do something horrendous to your piece of turkey come Christmastime.


Steer Clear From Bridezilla Behaviour!


Let’s face it; your bridesmaids are doing you a favour. So treat them with respect, show some love and keep them happy. Go for dinner, have an old fashioned bridal party sleepover or spa day and be sure to include them in part of the planning. Of course if you need to rant, do so, but bridezilla behaviour is a big no-no.


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Be Patient With Dresses 


Chances are your bridesmaids are going to be as assorted as a box of chocolates. Make sure you are patient with style choices; what Jenny might like, may not look good on Sue (you included her remember?), and may bring up a load of insecurities that you will have to lay to rest; you want your bridal party to look flawless so it’s up to you to choose styles that flatter all your bridesmaids individually.


Remember you love these women and want to remain close after the wedding too!

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