2015's Hottest Trends: Men's Lingerie

2015's Hottest Trends: Men's Lingerie

Hang on ladies, I think we're about to see a lot more men in lingerie!

The up and coming rise of pretty underwear in the form of men’s lingerie:




When we think of lingerie, we automatically think of Victoria’s Secret angels parading down a catwalk showing off their figures in skimpy pieces of negligee that many women would love to own.

But it’s not only the women strutting down the runway in enviable underwear; recent catwalks have featured men too sporting the new thing: men’s lingerie.

Men’s Lingerie: The fashion behind the fear

The world of fashion has always broken boundaries, challenged ideas of the norm and given us new and exciting ideas for us to try and most of them have worked out fine.

Underwear, for the fashion forward, can be a liberating and beautiful statement; when you wear beautiful and sexy underwear, you, in turn, feel beautiful, sexy and increases your confidence, so why not men too?




Designers are aiming to attract all kinds of men, from all kinds of backgrounds with this new statement; not necessarily attempting to replicate women’s designs, but simply creating an alternative style for men that will appeal to both men and women.

Available in brief and boxer styles, men’s lingerie is rising out of the dark and aims to serve a wider community other than its original LGBT market.

During various runways  and Fashion Weeks around the world this year, designers featured men  wearing the kind of mesh underwear typically seen in women’s undergarments portraying the interest in varying forms of men’s underwear and allowing them to see the light.




Designers swear by men’s lingerie, stating that because of the material used, the fit is great and feels as though nothing at all is being worn!

Lingerie: Not just for women!

When asked, women stated that they enjoyed the fact that lace was able to look masculine and would love to see their men rocking a gorgeous pair of lacy boxers whereas many men also enjoyed the fit.




The aim ultimately, is to allow men to experience the luxury and beauty that women have lavished upon them by various brands all the time. Boundaries are being broken as both men and women can enjoy something that is no longer exclusive and look good while doing it too!

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