Let’s Get Married On Facebook, Shall We?

Let’s Get Married On Facebook, Shall We?

When the public sphere takes over the private one, how do you prevent your relationship from getting damaged?

Once upon a time there were traditional marriages. Nowadays there are social media marriages. One of the first things I noticed when I sorted out my Facebook account is that it was possible to change relationship statuses so to let people know how your personal life is doing and whether you are single or committed to someone.


Married on Facebook


To be perfectly honest, this thing didn’t bother me that much at the time. In my mind, I said to myself “After all, there is nothing wrong if someone wants their close friends to know they’re married or engaged or single”. Unfortunately, Facebook is not only about close friends. Everybody can actually take a look at your status, if you don’t set up your privacy options carefully. But in my opinion, it’s not even about privacy. I personally find it hilarious and even a bit anti-romantic that you can simply go to your profile and send the person you want to marry a relationship request and, after that, you can even change your married name. There is no need for thoughtful, romantic, head-over-heels proposals anymore, in a society where social media has taken over our everyday life.


Married on Facebook


Apparently, asking someone “Will you marry me?” is currently out of fashion and so is discussing verbally the details about your wedding day. There is no need for talking anymore, since the online world has made it possible for us to sort out everything digitally.


Married on Facebook


Of course, befriending your spouse and sharing your relationship status on Facebook are no brainers. However, here’s some advice on how to deal with social media relationships.


First of all, both you and your partner should be digitally proud of your marriage. Avoid airing your dirty laundry. A lot of couples simply love over sharing their spats on social media, but believe me, none of your friends actually want to see the drama in your marriage. Even if your intentions are innocent, posting about “how your husband annoyed you” can hurt your partner’s feeling and even those of whoever knows him.


Married on Facebook


It’s fine if you support each other online. After all, this has become the era of technology, social media accounts and hashtags everywhere. However, there’s no point in gushing about each other online and barely having a conversation while you both are in the same room. Don’t make the mistake of getting swept up in your logged-on life and make sure you always prioritise your real life instead.

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