Keep up with 2015 Wedding Trends with The Waffle Hub

Waffle Hub can offer a tasty and unique addition to any occasion and is top of the list of 2015 wedding trends

Planning your wedding can involve many decisions from the dress all the way to the cake and while expressing individuality is key; you may also be made aware along the planning path what wedding trends are “in” at the time of your wedding. One of the latest 2015 wedding trends is the food station. Whether it’s a lemonade stand or a station for little nibbles; manned or unmanned, having a food station is the best way to be on trend. With this new trend, new companies have popped up on the wedding catering scene offering these food stations for your big day. One such company is The Waffle Hub.



The Waffle Hub started in 2014 and vow to indulge all your sugary cravings with a fun, friendly and unique service that can add the wow factor to every events from corporate events to birthdays and weddings. The company is primarily based in Hertforshire but is willing to travel cross country to cater for your event.


2015 wedding trends


As well as going above and beyond for your event, they also boast a very unique and personalised service, with waffle toppings varying to your specified request. The Waffle Hub only uses the freshest and top quality ingredients for their waffles which are made fresh to order while you wait. The Waffle Hub work to a classic Belgian recipe that dates back to the 1950’s and this is the standard that The Waffle Hub pride themselves upon; classic and authentic ingredients, coupled with the friendliest service and all made from their fun and portable waffle cart.


2015 wedding trends


The Waffle Hub have been hard at work building their company up as well as their reputation amongst the highly competitive wedding catering market and as a result, the company celebrated a very successful summer season this year with consistent positivity and high accolades from various exhibitions and events across the country. With this success they have been able to significantly expand their staff across the company meaning they have been able to focus much more on their events. As a company, The Waffle Hub have been more able to focus intently on wedding events after their successful summer with the company already boasting 3 successful weddings since their launch.


2015 wedding trends


Your wedding day should be a fun and enjoyable event and The Waffle Hub is the newest caterer on the block that can offer you a service that defines fun and unique so whether you and your guests are chocoholics, or you are mad for marshmellows, there is a personalised waffle menu waiting for you. So with the craze being all about food stations, Waffle Hub is the perfect way to get your sugar fix in a way that not only ticks the trend box, but also the personalised one too.


For more on the sugary delights of The Waffle Hub and to book them for your event, check out their website, or contact The Waffle Hub's CEO, Shola at


If you'd like to get ahead of the game and find out wedding trends for 2016, check out our round up of the bridal trends for 2016 from bridal fashion week.

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