"Just Us" The Small Wedding Trend

Getting married without guests is possible.

In fact, getting married and taking part in a wedding ceremony are not exactly the same thing. While marriage is a legal contract between two people that is filled with the government, a wedding is usually held for personal or religious reasons to celebrate the union in front of witnesses. However, some people choose to forgo the complications and the expenses of planning a proper wedding ceremony and decide to get married with no guests, sometimes even with a secret wedding. If you and your partner are not inclined to have a wedding ceremony, you can certainly still get married.


small wedding


First of all, you should contact your local city hall to learn everything about marriage requirements in your state. You should complete all necessary application paperwork and pay all application fees. Then, make an appointment for a marriage ceremony. It might be that you don’t want guests at all and that is perfectly fine. However, you might be required by your state to have witnesses at your ceremony. In that case, you should contact those friends and family you would like to participate and make sure the date you’ve chosen for the ceremony works for them. It may sound like a lot but if your write out a checklist, or you could use this one specifically for weddings, you'll find the process to be a lot faster.


small wedding


Even if you care about your privacy or for some reason, you have always wanted to have a small wedding ceremony, it is polite to send a marriage announcement to let family and friends know that you are now married. You might even decide to host a reception at a later date, so make sure you include a save the date note in your announcement.


small wedding


Also, just because you have decided to keep things simple, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up on your wedding day. You should select an outfit that reflects your personal style and go for it. Finally, remember to not let anyone interfere with your decisions. It’s your big day and nobody should be entitled to make your plans change.


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