Just Marvel at How Pretty a Pink Wedding Can Be

Forget red: it's a cliché. If you want to be a real princess, it’s all about the pink-tipped roses!

Now, not all people are of the undeniable opinion that pink is the most superior colour! But I am and it's most likely due to the fact that it has the wonderful ability to transform even the most mundane thing into something wonderfully pretty and princess-like!

Just marvel at how pretty a pink wedding can be:


Pink,   wedding,   theme,   ideas,   inspiration

Not for you? Maybe  lavender or aqua are more your colours!


But say the word “wedding” and the colours most people think of first will be red!

Red is for passion and love (also,  sometimes “danger”, but we won’t dwell on that) and blue is for purity and fidelity- things which are rather important for the average bride!


Pink,   wedding,   theme,   ideas,   inspiration


However, the danger of conventional colours is obvious- they can be overdone and a little boring. The same criticism can be levelled at a wedding in pink, however anyone who's in tune with their inner princess cannot refute the magic of pink!


Pink,   wedding,   theme,   ideas,   inspiration


With any luck ladies sharing my penchant for anything girly or flowery and generally fantastic will also be inspired by this vast array of pink loveliness.

But that’s a close second aspiration; this post is actually functioning as a scrapbook page for my personal wedding endeavours.


Pink,   wedding,   theme,   ideas,   inspiration


Click here to find out how LetsGetWeddy can help choose the colour-scheme of your dreams!

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