It's All About The Dress

It's All About The Dress

Sassi Holford tells us all about designing the dresses that make wedding dreams come true.

Sometimes they’re classic, other times they’re conventional and occasionally they’re just damn, right quirky. Wedding dresses – one of the most important garments a woman will ever own. And if you’re looking for something unique a wedding dress designer is the one person who can make your dreams come true. How do they do it? Well, we spoke with acclaimed designer Sassi Holford about her role in making wedding dreams come true.


What do you love about designing wedding dresses?

Being allowed to use some of the most exquisite luxury cloths is wonderful. A women may only wear something like this once in her life and it’s amazing to explore with such wonderful materials.  


 As a bespoke designer how do you ensure that you create wedding garments that work for the individual and accentuate a women’s shape?

Initially I work with the client to find the silhouette that makes her look fabulous and gives her confidence, and then we choose the fabrics and embellishments to reflect her personality.


 In recent years have you seen a change in the types of wedding gowns brides are requesting?

I’ve seen more of an increase in brides interested in detail on the back rather than the cleavage, this year. 


Are there any reasons for these changes?

Without a doubt the media has changed the way many women approach their wedding gown and in particular the coverage of celebrity brides.


When a bride walks in do you instantly know the type of dress that would work best for her?

Sometimes, but it is wrong as a designer to be presumptuous about what will make a client feel and look good. It is important to talk to the client first to hear her desires and ideas and to understand her personality.


What is your design process with brides?

I ask them to do their research in magazines and on the net. I often ask brides to bring along a trusted family member or close friend who really knows them. Then there are adjustments to be made up until about a week before.  Remember, this is all part of the great fun of getting married – so, we want our brides to enjoy it!


Tell us a little about the types of gowns you enjoy creating? 

One where at the final fitting I have a client that has a beaming smile and is so excited about her big day


Describe your signature design style. 

I am very much a ‘less is more’ designer who looks to take the traditional and incorporate some kind of modern twist to it – it could be a fabric choice or a slight change in the cut of an otherwise typical skirt shape.


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