Ideas For Your Enchanted Forest Wedding

Ideas For Your Enchanted Forest Wedding

Add a little magic to make your outdoor wedding that much more spellbinding...

If you want to feel the sun’s rays on your skin as you say your vows in a perfectly relaxed atmosphere with fellow nature lovers, then a wonderfully enchanted forest wedding is for you. Though you may have already picked the venue, even if it is your own back garden, there may be a few more things you could add to your day to make it all the more magical!



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The Bridal Party 






enchanted forest



Think ' A Midsummer Night's Dream' when considering your bridal party's dresses. Long, flowing, gentle and perfectly in keeping with the enchanted forest theme. Add a beautiful flower garland headpiece to finish off the overall look, it will compliment the gown in a stylish and fun way.



TIP: Brightly coloured flowers will enhance the scene and setting of your garden wedding; your guests won’t be able to put the cameras away!



Fantastical Favours






Bring your guests to life with these lovely DIY enchanting wedding favours. All you need is small glass bottles, lots of glitter and some tiny plastic wands. They're a little bit of fun and a very cute keep sake from your magical wedding day. If these aren't for you then there is an abundance of forest themed favours you can get, consider little trees that your guests can plant in their own gardens. They will all have identical trees to remind them of your enchanted forest.



Lights, Candles, Action!



enchanted forest



To achieve a perfect enchanted forest feel, candles and lights are the key. Fairy lights wrapped around trees, battery powered lights in jars and candles hanging in glass baubles are but a few of your lighting options for your garden wedding. We advise candles in glass jars to avoid any unwanted fire related incidents! Battery powered fairy lights are cheap and can be bought in most shops, they will make your garden twinkle and will hardly cost you a penny.






enchanted forest



Chances are you’ll probably be using a good amount of ribbon to add that special touch to your garden wedding. They can be incorporated into the lighting, all you need to do is tie the ribbon onto jar handles and pop a tee-light candle inside, then tie them onto tree branches and watch as they gently hang and sparkle.



enchanted forest



Birdcages filled with flowers can also make for great decorations as well as stringing up some beads, ceramic decorations, fairy lights or bunting—all delightfully whimsical additions to the décor.



enchanted forest



Rustic inspired signs telling your guests where to go creates a little excitement and also adds a touch of vintage chic to your outdoor theme. If you’re having an aisle, you could place flowers in glass jars or mini buckets and tie them to the chairs or benches for a picture-perfect setting.






enchanted forest



The most important (and environmentally friendly) element of your garden wedding. To achieve an enchanted forest feel the best thing to do is to actually incorporate the forest into your décor. Moss, leaves, branches and tree stumps are a great way of using foliage to bring your theme to life. You can purchase quirky and original wooden chairs for your guests to sit on, or use a wooden tree stump to place your cake on.



The Cake



enchanted forest



The great thing about the enchanted forest theme is that you can really have fun with it. The wedding cake can be as simple, or as adventurous as you like. You may want to stick to the forest feel and therefore might choose a cake that is fashioned to look like a calved tree. Or alternatively, you might decide that you want to go down the enchanted route and if this is the case, your options are endless! From fairy cakes to a snow covered tower, the choice is yours.



Looking after your guests



enchanted forest



Since your wedding will be taking place outdoors, your guests’ complete comfort will be a top priority; providing blankets in case of chilly weather or slippers when it’s time to hit the dance floor! Sun cream and parasols may also be very important as well as providing lots of water; we want all guests celebrating all night with you so need to make sure they can!



The Wedding Meal



enchanted forest



A garden wedding calls for a picnic does it not? Why not pay homage to this theme with a few decorations your guests will love. Cover your tables with vases of wild flowers and candles, use wooden chairs draped with ribbon and buy frosted wine glasses for your guests to drink from. In terms of food, keep it simple unless you are willing to cook from your kitchen for all of your guests. A low-stress idea would be to cook the night before and buy lots of buffet food that the members of your party can grab from the kitchen and eat outside whilst sat at your beautiful tables. It will certainly save on the washing up!



Guest Book 



enchanted forest



For the guest book, give a nod to nature and have your guests write messages on pebbles, blocks of wood or alternatively sign their name on a cork. You may even like to have a well-wishes tree where your loved ones can leave messages and hang them from the branches. It will look beautiful and is a different alternative to a book.



Enjoying your day



enchanted forest



Of course a garden wedding need not be too stressful; let the wonders of nature consume you as you embark on this new journey and be sure to relax and have fun!



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