How to take perfect wedding photos

Wedding poses, beautiful backdrops and a sweet smile; take perfect wedding photos with these tips…

So you’ve completed the ceremony and now you and your loved one are trying to immortalise the precious moments with perfect wedding photos that will make your wedding day complete.


No doubt your wedding day will be filled with much picture taking (See how to take the perfect wedding selfie) and it can be easy to shy away from the camera if you’re usually someone who worries about how pictures will turn out.


It turns out though, that there’s a way to take perfect wedding photos; from wedding poses and avoiding the light, these tips will make sure your photos come out great!


Wedding poses; to pose, or not to pose?


Whilst wedding poses may not be everyone’s thing, striking a pose can express personality and make for fun pictures on the day if that’s what you’re in to.


The most perfect wedding photos showing touching moments are usually the ones that are more natural. A silent intimate moment between the newlyweds, a picture capturing a shared joke or a kiss are pictures sure to make your guests (See How to Solve Your Guest List Problems) swoon. Pretend the camera isn’t there and enjoy the moment the two of you have together as if you were the only ones around; tell stories, share memories and enjoy the spontaneity your photographer will capture.


For inspiration, try checking out some great wedding photos with more natural wedding poses that will be sure to make you fall in love over and over again.


perfect wedding photos


Let the sun shine!


All anyone asks for on their wedding day is for a little sun; but sometimes too much sun can be in actual fact, too much.

If the sun is blazing down on you and making it difficult to take pictures, try closing your eyes against the sun and opening your eyes at the last second before the photographer takes the photo.

Props may also work here too; parasols can be a great addition as well as resting underneath the shade of a tree or gazebo.


perfect wedding photos


The familiar photographer


Most important of all, ensure that both you and the photographer have good relationship and understanding of what you both want. If you have used a photographer for another event before or chronicling the journey to the wedding day at any point, then it’s best to have that same photographer shoot the reception pictures.


perfect wedding photos


Beautiful backgrounds


Don’t underestimate the use of your surroundings wherever you are. If you are in a more rural setting, your pictures can be beautifully traditional bursting with colour, whereas if you are in an urban setting, your pictures can be artistic as well as unique.


perfect wedding photos

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